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  • Artists heed J14 call to boycott Tel Aviv 'White Night' events

    Facebook in Israel has been flooded all day with reports of cultural figures and venues announcing their decision to boycott the annual 'White Night' events sponsored by the Tel Aviv Municipality, in reaction to the weekend's police violence; meanwhile, over 100 protesters showed up at City Hall on Monday evening and disrupted a planned no-confidence vote against the mayor.  Following police brutality and violent arrests against protesters in Tel Aviv over the weekend, a variety of Israeli writers, artists and venues have announced that they will be boycotting Tel Aviv's White Night events this Thursday night. "White Night" is an annual…

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  • WATCH: Thousands block highway, attack banks in J14 protest

    Some 4,000 demonstrators clashed with police for more than four hours last night in the streets of Tel Aviv, blocking roads, smashing a few bank windows and besieging the local municipality. More than 80 were arrested in the most energetic and enraged J14 protest yet. All throughout the winter, Israelis wondered if the summer of protests would make a comeback this year, and some warned that the second time around would not be as "polite." Last night (Saturday) thousands took to the streets of Tel Aviv and proved that the struggle for social justice has not ended – and that…

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  • Police attempt to thwart renewed tent camp; protest leader arrested

    An attempt on Friday at reestablishing last summer's protest was met with a heavy hand by the police. Daphni Leef, who set up the tent that sparked last year's movement and whose call brought out hundreds on Friday, was violently detained in a sign of a shift in the protester-police dynamic.  Update: At least five ten protesters have been arrested, including Daphni Leef and Israeli actor Tomer Sharon, who had joined the protesters. The crowd stayed on, and Hadash MK Dov Khenin and Meretz MK Nitzan Horowitz arrived. Activists announced plans for a march leaving from Rothschild Boulevard at 9 p.m.…

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  • Police besiege, arrest activists planning to commemorate Nakba

    Some 15 activists from the organization Zochrot were besieged by police on Wednesday night in the NGO's offices, in order to prevent them from quietly commemorating the Palestinian Nakba on Israeli Independence Day. Three were arrested for reading aloud names of destroyed villages. Reports started flowing in at around 22:30 p.m. through text messages and phone calls. Some 15 activists from Zochrot ("Remembering"), an Israeli NGO dedicated to preserving the memory the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) among the Hebrew-speaking public, had gathered in the group's offices on Ibn Gabirol Street in central Tel Aviv. They were planning a quiet symbolic action entailing placing…

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