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  • Ahead of Tel Aviv Pride, queer activists bring the occupation home

    LGBTQ activists hang banners and graffiti anti-occupation slogans across Tel Aviv in the run-up to the city's annual pride parade. 180,000 people are expected to take part in the festivities, at least half of them tourists. By Yael Marom In the run up to Friday's Tel Aviv Pride festivities, Israeli LGBTQ activists hung banners and spray-painted anti-occupation graffiti across the city. The signs, which read "Occupation: Israeli Pride" and "You cannot pinkwash the occupation" were hung from bridges at the main entrances to the city. Meanwhile activists graffitied slogans such as "You can't pink wash occupation" in both Hebrew and English…

  • Shuttering shops on Shabbat: Hypocrisy and the rule of law

    The Supreme Court recently ordered that the rule of law be enforced when it comes to Tel Aviv shuttering businesses on the Sabbath. But the court is inconsistent with its own demands, only ordering that 'the law is the law' when it's convenient. These are confusing times. Our friends don't know what to think, and opinions on Facebook are mixed. We are here to analyze things honestly and, as always, though the most important prism – the prism of migration. Last week the Supreme Court ruled that the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality's policy of not enforcing the municipal bylaw barring the…

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  • Municipal authorities raid and shutter asylum seekers' businesses in Tel Aviv

    Dozens of Tel Aviv municipal officers, border policemen and private movers raided several businesses run by African asylum seekers around Tel Aviv's central bus station, confiscating goods and welding the doors shut. Officials also poured bleach into food in a Darfur refugee's restaurant. Is city hall preparing for the upcoming municipal elections? A group of municipal officials led an operation to close African asylum seekers' illegal businesses in the south Tel Aviv neighborhoods of Neve Sha'anan and Shapira at around 7 p.m. Sunday night. The municipal officers were accompanied by Border Police officers, a photographer and several large moving trucks…

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  • No Give Backs! Facing down the Tel Aviv municipality

    Three weeks ago, I received one of those hated bill-looking envelopes from the Tel Aviv municipality. It was not time for our hated Arnona bill to arrive, so I was skeptical about what they could possibly want from me. Enclosed were a letter and a bill for over 1,000 shekels. I found this strange. The letter, which I had to read about twelve times to understand, informed me that I owed the municipality this money to pay back a discount I received four years ago. As an immigrant to the country, newcomers are granted a whole cushy bunch of benefits.…

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  • Pussy Riot: On freedom of expression, Putin has a partner in Israel

    By Jonathan J. Klinger A few months ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin came to Israeli for a brief visit. The president, who receives embarrassing support from Israeli Minister of Foreign Affair Avigdor Liberman, and almost magical admiration from Knesset member Anastasia Michaeli, also received a warm hug from Israeli government leaders, first and foremost Benyamin Netanyahu. This welcome leaves no room for doubt that there is a strong link between the two states. But it was another embarrassing affair that Putin faced recently that demonstrates he is the one admiring Israel, and not vice versa. Israel is known for instances when its legal system falls victim to political constraints from the left…

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  • Tel Aviv gives Turkey cause for war

    There has been plenty of sabre rattling between Israel and Turkey over the past couple of weeks, up to and including with the Turkish Air Force de-registering Israeli warplanes from their flight computers' friend/foe lists. But it is plucky little Tel Aviv that's contemplating a move that might just prove the last straw for Ankara. Namely? Israel Radio reported last night that Tel Aviv municipality is considering cancelling the Turkish embassy's free parking lot on Yarkon Street. Considering the inability to find paid parking in Tel Aviv got Israelis to create the first-ever Hebrew Hitler rant video and contributed towards…

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  • As TA bike lanes grow, residents demand voice in planning

    After years of pressure from advocacy groups, the Tel Aviv Municipality has finally adopted an aggressively pro-bicycle agenda. Bike lanes are being paved, a bike-share system is being launched, and the city’s PR machine is working hard to sell the new strategy. Yet, the insensitivity and obtuseness which with the new policy is being implemented have already provoked a limited backlash, which, if left unchecked, threatens to endanger the entire project. By Jesse Fox Tel Aviv is experiencing a surge of interest in urban cycling. As the number of people choosing to get around the city by bicycle has grown…

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