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  • Birthright now offering skateboarding, hip hop-themed trips to Israel

    As if it wasn't enough to offer Jews around the world a trip to Israel totally free of charge, the Birthright industry is now marketing "the only skateboarding trip to Israel" and a "hip hop" trip. This is in addition to the already popular "niche" tours that include those catering to the LGBT community, food enthusiasts and wheelchair-bound Jews. The American Zionist youth movement Young Judea hosting these flyers on its website explains the skateboarding trip as "Based on the core Israel Now itinerary,  this program is specially offered to people who board. No posers. No pushers. Go to explore and to…

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  • Breaking the Silence marketing tours to Birthrighters

    Breaking the Silence -- the organization of former IDF soldiers who talk about their experiences serving in the Occupied Territories in an effort to expose the everyday reality of Israeli control of the West Bank -- is now marketing its tours of the West Bank to participants of the Birthright-Israel trip while here in Israel. Anyone who extends their stay in Israel beyond the free 10-day trip is offered a free tour to Hebron and the South Hebron Hills that allow an "unmediated encounter with the reality of military occupation." Below is a video of Breaking the Silence volunteers walking…

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  • Please, don't send your kid on a Birthright tour (by Eyal Clyne)

    I ask this as an Israeli, who is trying to make Israel a better place, who served his country, and continues to struggle for a better society, for peace, for human rights and civil equality. Please, don't send your children to Birthright Israel ("Taglit"), The Israeli Experience, or any similar project. These projects support war I am certain that those of you considering this step have nothing but the best intentions, and that you have a high regard for Israel and us Israelis. I am writing this text however to bring to your attention information about these projects that might…

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