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  • Jewish food tells the story of immigrants, not of Israeli nationalism

    Jewish food has always been a way to demonstrate how Jewish immigrants and refugees mixed and integrated into different societies. So how did it all of a sudden become 'Israeli?' By Rafram Chaddad Tablet Magazine released last week a list of "the most Jewish foods," in which editors Gabriella Gershenson and Alana Newhouse invite “us," the Jewish readers, to contemplate the question of which foods contain “the deepest Jewish significance — the ones that, through the history of our people… have been most profoundly inspired by… the contingencies of the Jewish experience.” [tmwinpost] This moment calls our attention to the enduring…

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  • Beyond a polarized discourse on Israel-Palestine on college campuses

    American universities will soon open their doors for the fall term. With the capacity to influence views on Israel-Palestine during this tense time of conflict, and mobilize future leaders on campus, it would be a shame to waste the opportunity with continued ineffective polarization. By Yasmeen Serhan Though Israel’s latest operation in Gaza seems worlds away for some, it feels closer to home for many within Palestinian and Jewish communities. This, too, rings true for many college students, for whom the conflict is often displayed in the form of mock-checkpoints, controversial speaker events and public demonstrations on their campuses. In the next few…

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  • No, Abe Foxman, America is not out to get the Jews

    The U.S. Jewish establishment is starting to say publicly that anti-Semitism is the reason Jonathan Pollard is still in prison. This is sickening slander that reflects a deep-seated psychological problem.   Abraham Foxman, long-time leader of the Anti-Defamation League, capo di tutti capi of the Israel lobby, scourge of all scourges of anti-Semitism (real or imagined), the U.S. Jewish establishment’s chief of language police, the J. Edgar Hoover of American Jewish macherdom, has flipped out completely this time. Earlier this month he said publicly that Jonathan Pollard’s continued incarceration for spying, now going on 29 years, is a “vendetta” against…

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  • Israel waits for no one: A personal response to marriage ads

    While I too was perturbed by the Israeli Ministry of Absorption's billion-dollar ad campaign that has caused a huge media storm in recent days, I feel the need to write my feelings on a specific response to the campaign in Tablet Magazine written by one of its senior writers, Israeli expat Liel Leibovitz along with partner Lisa Ann Sandell, an American Jew. As a couple deeply connected to the Jewish community and to Israel, they are open about their grappling with the country as a possible home for their family and conclude that until Israel is more inclusive and representative…

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