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  • Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour set free

    Dareen Tatour, who was arrested and jailed for poems she published on social media, is released from prison. Tatour: 'It will be impossible to stop my writing.' By Oren Ziv Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour was released today after serving 42 days in prison. Her five-month sentence was reduced by 97 days, the same amount of time she spent in jail following her arrest in October 2015, before being transferred to house arrest for nearly three years. [tmwinpost] “I am very happy to be free, finally, after three years. These were three years of suffering, but I am free now,” said…

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  • What we're doing to protect your privacy: +972 and HTTPS

    As part of our commitment to promoting freedom of information and fighting censorship, we recently added an important layer of encryption to our website. Here's why we did it, and what it means for you. Over the past year we at +972 Magazine have dedicated significant resources into expanding our journalistic focus on censorship, freedom of information, and online free speech issues in Israel and Palestine. [tmwinpost] We have covered attempts to impose military censorship on Israeli bloggers and social media users, the expanding use of gag orders, we've exposed the previously unknown scope of censorship in Israel, the arbitrary…

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  • Against spy revelations, Israel doth protest too much

    The nation’s establishment has called the whistle-blowers of Unit 8200 every bad name, but it has no answer to their charge that information deliberately gathered on innocent Palestinians is used to blackmail them into collaborating. The 43 refuseniks in Unit 8200, Israel’s legendary high-tech snoops, are this week’s Gideon Levys, this week’s Haneen Zoabis – the focus of patriotic hatred in the land. “Baseless slander” is what Netanyahu called their letter, published Friday in Yedioth Ahronoth, in which they declared they would no longer spy for the occupation. Aside from being called traitors, the 43 reservists have been called cowards,…

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  • +972's Person of the Year: Edward Snowden

    Edward Snowden’s disclosures exposing the extent of NSA surveillance taught us more about our relationship with government than any other exposure or event. In fact, we learned about relationships we didn’t even know we had. But the Snowden leaks didn't just change what we know; they sparked a discussion that could very well change the dynamics of power in the coming age.  By Noam Sheizaf As in years past, the person of the year for 2013 was chosen by +972’s bloggers and editors. This, however, is the first time we chose someone not directly related to Israel/Palestine, making Snowden a…

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