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  • At West Bank checkpoint, a fleeting victory for Palestinian laborers

    Thousands of Palestinian laborers refused to pass through a West Bank checkpoint in protest of overcrowding and bad treatment from Israeli guards. A day later, their demands were met at the privatized checkpoint, but many believe the improvements won’t last long. The Palestinian laborers passing through the “Sha’ar Ephraim” checkpoint in the early morning are a strange sight by any standard. Those passing through before dawn mostly look stressed, busy, tired and retreated into themselves. “The hour or two spent inside the checkpoint are more difficult than an entire work day,” one of the workers told me Monday morning. But…

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  • African asylum seekers to strike in protest of Israeli immigration policies

    In protest of new law authorizing indefinite detention and a wave of roundups in south Tel Aviv, asylum seekers declare general strike and three days of protests. Thousands of African asylum seekers met in a south Tel Aviv park Saturday night to plan a three-day general strike protesting Israel’s asylum and immigration policies. Their central demands are an end to the practice of indefinitely detaining asylum seekers and that Israel individually examine their requests for asylum and refugee status. Read: Asylum seekers claim a place on the Israeli political map Currently Israel does not examine the asylum claims of Sudanese…

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  • Home Field: Visiting agriculture workers in Israel, part 2

    In a series of posts based on field visits and meetings with migrant workers in Israel, Noa Shauer and Shiraz Grinbaum highlight the conditions, hardships and exploitation of foreign workers. In part 2, a Thai worker and labor organizer at Moshav Sde Nitzan is deported for organizing a strike over working conditions. Read part 1 here Text: Noa Shuar Photos: Shiraz Grinbaum/ Moshav Sde Nitzan is located in the northwestern Negev, a part of the Eshkol Local Authority. The moshav, a farming community, is made up of some 80 families, as well as 157 foreign workers from Thailand who work in…

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  • Haaretz journalists go on strike, no paper on Thursday

    Haaretz's journalists decided this afternoon to cancel the printing of the newspaper tomorrow, for both the Hebrew and the English editions. The internet sites of Haaretz Group (, and have not been updated since the early afternoon. UPDATE: The sites will go back to work at midnight local time.  Workers at Haaretz are protesting massive layoffs that are to be implemented right after the Jewish holidays. The journalists recently unionized, and held a two-hour protest several weeks ago. Since then, negotiations between the union and the paper's publisher, Amos Schocken, have failed. This afternoon, a strike was announced, effective immediately.…

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  • PHOTO: Palestinian taxi and truck drivers protest high fuel and food prices

    Though rumors of a general strike that would have shut down all traffic and closed businesses in Bethlehem and other West Bank cities failed to materialize, streets have been blocked in several locations as taxi and truck drivers took to the streets to protest high fuel and food prices. Reports from Ramallah, Tulkarem, Nablus, Hebron, Jenin, and Bethlehem indicate a growing number of daily actions to protest the cost of living. Targets of the protest include the Palestinian Authority in general and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in particular. Protests are expected to continue in the coming days. Related: Palestinians take…

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