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  • Tel Aviv cuts homeless camp's electricity on eve of storm

    The encampment has been home to some 50 people for two years. A court had ordered the installation of electricity, which the city says has been used illegally. By Avi Blecherman The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality on Wednesday cut off electricity to one of the city’s largest homeless encampments one day before the arrival of what is expected to be a heavy winter storm. The city claims the electricity connection was illegally installed. As the result of a court order, a generator caravan was recently installed in the camp near the city's Arlozorov train station, providing enough electricity to charge cellular…

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  • PHOTOS: Gaza's streets remain flooded a week after storm

    The UN reports that 10,000 people were displaced in the record-setting storm and that it could take another week to clear the flooding. A week after record-setting winter storms pounded the Middle East, areas of the Gaza Strip are still struggling to cope with severe flooding of homes and businesses. Gaza City residents reported that local government officials were slow to respond, had few available resources and showed little evidence of advanced planning. Instead, most immediate assistance was provided by community members who organized fishing boats and other makeshift watercraft to rescue people from their homes. This week, Palestinian police…

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  • Ahead of worst winter storm in years, IDF razes Palestinian homes

    The Middle East is experiencing one of the worst winter storms to hit the region in years. All almost all of the mountain ranges from Syria to Sinai are covered in snow and the coastal areas are seeing very large amounts of rainfall. State and local authorities throughout the region are working to bring homeless people into shelters and rescue those caught in the storm. Yet on Tuesday, just as the storm was approaching, the Israeli army's Civil Administration in the West Bank destroyed tents and shacks belonging to Palestinian families in the northern part of the Jordan Valley, leaving…

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