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stop and frisk

  • In Israel just as NY, racial profiling harms more than just victims of police killings

    The judge who oversaw New York City's stop and frisk case for nearly a decade responds to the shooting of an unarmed black man in northern Israel. By Shira Scheindlin I have been reading, with a troubling sense of déjà vu, about the police shooting of Solomon Tekah, an unarmed Ethiopian-Israeli man, in Haifa last week. As the judge who oversaw the “stop and frisk” case in New York City for nearly a decade, I am all too familiar with police racial profiling and the harm it causes to the police force, the victims of police violence, and the community at large. [tmwinpost] Those…

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  • The best response to Israel’s new stop-and-frisk law: Stop showering

    A new law in Israel gives police broad powers to search anyone in an area they say there's a fear of ‘hostile terrorist activities.’ Or in other words: anywhere with a critical mass of Arabs. Here’s how to fight back. By Fady Khoury What does Israel’s new stop-and-frisk law mean? What should you do about it? Prior to the new law, which was passed in the Knesset on Tuesday, police were authorized to search anyone without a warrant if they had reasonable suspicion (probable cause) that the person was carrying a weapon illegally (on their person or in their car),…

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  • What Palestinian citizens of Israel can learn from the civil rights movement

    Despite recent improvement in the economic situation of Palestinian citizens of Israel, many remain suspicious of the Israeli government and its motives. Palestinians must look back at the legacy of the black American struggle for equality, drawing on lessons that they can use to further their own cause. By Robert Cherry Thanks to Israeli government efforts, there has been a substantial improvement in the economic wellbeing of its Palestinian citizens. Whereas in the period 1997-2005, after adjusting for inflation, Palestinian family income declined, during the next six years it rose by more than 7 percent. By contrast, Jewish family income…

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  • How the 'stop and frisk' ruling helps end one occupation

    On Monday, a federal judge in New York ruled against the New York City Police Department’s “stop and frisk” practice (a policy not limited of course to New York). The judge found that the practice, as it has been applied, violates the constitutional rights of the plaintiffs. Why does this matter here? Because the ruling chips away at systems that look too strong, too entrenched ever to be moved. The situation of regular people with little power fighting a huge system that holds all the cards can creates immediate associations.  In recent years, prominent African-Americans have sometimes asked me how…

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