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Standing Together

  • To give up on Jewish-Arab partnership is to give up hope

    Most of the people in this land are victims of the Netanyahu government. Partnership between them is the only way to fight its various forms of oppression — including the occupation. By Nisreen Shehada and Alon-Lee Green It’s so easy for those in positions of privilege to criticize any action taken by people doing work on the ground as “not radical enough” and to look at the world through a cynical and despondent lens. From that comfortable perch, it’s no wonder that in their recent article, “Let’s stop talking about a false ‘Jewish-Arab partnership,’” Rami Younis and Orly Noy chose…

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  • Let's stop talking about a false 'Jewish-Arab partnership'

    By creating symmetry between Israelis and Arabs, Jews on the left are not only missing the bigger picture — they are actively taking part in erasing the Palestinian struggle.  By Rami Younis and Orly Noy The sad state of the “left-wing camp” was clear long before the final results of the Israeli elections were published last week. Without skipping a beat, the ritual of declaring what is wrong with the left — and how to fix it — began. [tmwinpost] Among the more popular of those suggestions was the cure-all “Jewish-Arab partnership” potion. The prescription sounds so ideologically correct and politically necessary that any…

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  • Activists pulled off bus for protesting racial profiling at Israeli hospital

    Security guards remove the activists for protesting a new policy that singles out Palestinians on a public bus line in southern Israel. Security guards at an Israeli hospital detained 10 Arab and Jewish activists Sunday for an act of civil disobedience protesting a policy to single out, remove, and inspect Palestinians on a public bus line in southern Israel. [tmwinpost] The activists, from the grassroots protest movement Standing Together, were removed from the bus at the entrance to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, after refusing to show their identification cards and demanding to know why non-Arab passengers weren’t asked to…

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  • Across Israel, hundreds protest Gaza violence

    From Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Umm al-Fahm, Israelis and Palestinians take to the streets to protest the killing of 60 demonstrators in Gaza a day earlier. Thousands of Palestinians and Israelis across the country protested Tuesday against the Israeli army killing of 60 demonstrators in Gaza the day before. Some of the protests were also in commemoration of Nakba Day. [tmwinpost] In Tel Aviv, 300 Israelis and Palestinians demonstrated outside the Likud Party headquarters in the city, holding signs and chanting slogans against the violence. “It is unthinkable that while people are drinking champagne in Jerusalem, others are dying…

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  • The new Jewish-Arab movement that plans to save the Israeli left

    Standing Together, a new joint Arab-Jewish movement, is aiming to transform Israeli politics. It won't be easy, but the Israeli left's first step back to power might be believing that it can win again. The Israeli left is in the midst of an historic crisis. Out of power for over 20 years (with the exception of Ehud Barak’s brief and fractious stint as prime minster), Labor is now headed by a millionaire telecommunications executive who once served as a minister under Netanyahu. Meretz, the dovish, social-democratic party, barely made it into the Knesset in 2015. The peace camp is fractured…

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