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Stand With Us

  • Stand With Us poster sends truly universal message – accidentally

    Controversial poster juxtaposes Holocaust survivors with IDF soldiers. The only thing is, the Nazis' victims in the picture are probably not Jewish. Ami Kaufman reported here on a tasteless Stand With Us poster, politicizing the memory of the Holocaust in order to support Israeli policy and the IDF. Here is the poster, and I urge you to read Ami, who makes all the important points. (UPDATE: Stand With Us took the picture off their Facebook wall) I, however, want to bring attention to an interesting fact (pointed out by a commentator on the Stand With Us Facebook page): the survivors in the…

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  • Tasteless montage: Pro-Israel group puts IDF soldiers in line with Nazi camp inmates

    How does one give therapy to a whole nation? This is the question I asked myself after seeing this photo montage made by the pro-Israel group Stand With Us, celebrating that Israel is now the largest center of Jews in the world. (UPDATE: Stand With Us took the picture off their Facebook wall) That’s the only way I can explain a photo like this. The Jewish nation goes through one of the most traumatic events in history, and the result is some sort of disorder, a PTSD on national levels. How does one treat that? How does one convince a people…

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  • Israeli universities becoming Hasbara mills

    Two universities, Tel Aviv and Haifa, now offer programs in Hasbara. Both feature Neal Lazarus, the man behind the fake "gay flotilla" video. Two Israeli universities, Haifa University and Tel Aviv University, now offer programs in Hasbara. The Haifa course is meant for Israeli students, the Tel Aviv one for foreign students. Both are supported by Israeli ministries: the Haifa one by the Ministry of Propaganda and Diaspora (Ministry of Hasbara, in Hebrew) and the Tel Aviv program by the Foreign Ministry. The Haifa program is public and can be viewed here (Hebrew.) It has also been covered by the Canadian…

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  • Hasbara: Why does the world fail to understand us?

    A short discussion of the Israeli term used to describe the ongoing, ever-growing, national propaganda effort. I have used the word "Hasbara" pretty freely recently, and so do more and more people, without stopping to explain what it actually means. The use of this term has been widespread in Israeli Hebrew for many years now, usually with a positive meaning, though not always in a positive context – there is a never-ending debate on "the failure of Hasbara" – yet I often wonder how many people outside Israel actually know it, let alone understand what it stands for. So here…

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  • Captain Israel vs. The world

    In order to win the nation's heart, Captain Israel must defeat its seven evil ex-boyfriends: Hamas, Lebanese Shiites, Iran, Turkey, France, Salam Fayyad and Benny Begin If you thought that Israel is becoming a cartoon, you are not that far off. The good folks at the "pro-Israeli" group Stand With Us have brought us a new superhero comics (for children!) and the name of their protagonist is Captain Israel (Captain Originality was already taken). Captain Israel is no one-stater. The I in his Israel has been turned into a map of the country, clearly demarcating the green line. If we…

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