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  • Netanyahu lays blame for Bulgaria attack ahead of evidence

    The investigation into the Burgas terror attack barely got underway when Prime Minister Netanyahu already announced that it was carried out by Iran through its proxy Hezbollah. Whether or not it in fact was, it is the public's duty to refuse to accept the government's claims, until they are backed up with solid evidence.  Returning to his halcyon days as the national inciter, standing near the blood pools of suicide attack victims, the Prime Minister was quick to announce – before the sooty bus in Burgas was even removed – that the responsibility for the attack lies with Iran or its…

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  • IDF mum on Eilat attacks that justified Gaza bombing

    A reporter exposes an IDF investigation acknowledging that the Eilat attackers came from Sinai, not Gaza; the IDF has nothing to say on the matter Do you remember the Eilat attacks of two months back? How we were told, while the attack was still going on, that the attackers were the Popular Resistance Committees, and that therefore we have to attack Gaza? That such an attack took place, and also killed a child? Do you remember how, a month afterwards, we were quietly told that actually, all of the attackers were Sinai residents, not Gazans? So last weekend, without much…

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  • The IDF quietly abandons its spin on Eilat attack

    The IDF admits that the Eilat attackers weren’t Gazans, but buries the news Some 34 days ago, a group of terrorists attacked several points on the Israeli-Egyptian border, near Eilat. While the attack was still going on, Security Minister (the term “Defense Minister” does not capture the Soviet/Socialist undertones of the title) Ehud Barak quickly claimed that the responsibility for the attacks rests with the Gazan Popular Resistance Committees. A short time later, the PRC’s leadership was assassinated from the air. Several hours later, however, the official version of events began to crumble (see here). Even though the IDF claimed…

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  • Still no evidence for PRC involvement in attacks

    A week passed since the Eilat attack, and the IDF has yet to prove the blame of the group Israel chose to attack in response. Earlier this week I posted about the cracks in the Barak-Netanyahu narrative regarding the terror attacks near Eilat. A quick reminder: While the attacks were still going on, Barak blamed them on the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza, and hours later the IAF attacked and killed the leadership of the PRC. However, there is not a shred of evidence the PRC had anything to do with the attacks, and Barak’s action plunged Israel and Hamas…

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  • Spin's "senior source" revealed: Who briefed the rightist bloggers?

    The IDF speaks in two voices in the Jawaher Abu Rahmah affair – because it knows its case is weak On Monday the IDF went on a coordinated media offensive against the Bil’in activists and the Abu Rahmah family, claiming not only that Jawahar Abu Rahmah was not killed as a result of inhaling IDF gas, she wasn’t even present in the demonstration on Friday. This comes on a day when the Haaretz editorial questioned the use of CS gas, claiming it may be especially deadly. Or, rather, it wasn’t the IDF, but “an IDF senior source” or “senior officer”.…

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  • Most Israeli media publish press releases as straight news

    By Shuki Tausig, 7th Eye - Hebrew original here. "Netanyahu’s office has an original technique for marketing its messages," senior Yedioth Ahronoth columnist Nahum Barnea wrote in his Friday column. "Briefings are emailed every few hours to reporters and commentators.  The condition is that the information not be attributed to Netanyahu, his advisers, his “circles” or his “associates.”  This way, the Prime Minister’s Office achieves broad circulation for its messages without having to answer questions and without taking responsibility for the facts.  It is a wonderfully convenient technique." One of these email messages, a perfectly standard one sent to reporters…

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