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  • Palestinian president outlines political identity of new Palestinian state

    By presenting strategically calculated messages for all relevant audiences, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas used yesterday's speech to outline the identity of the new Palestinian state he is to seek at the UN. This post has been updated, 19 September, 2011 When Palestinian President and Chairman of PLO Mahmoud Abbas ended his speech on Friday to an audience of Palestinian dignitaries by stating that he was going to the present the Palestinian statehood bid to the United Nations Security Council, he received a heartfelt standing ovation. Yet going to the UNSC might be the biggest gambit yet in the whole diplomatic game…

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  • "The revolution of the young": Arab author addresses 300k rally

    Palestinian Israeli author Odeh Bisharat addressed the 300,000-strong rally for social justice in Tel Aviv on Saturday. This is the full text of his speech. One summery day‪,‬ a revolution began in Israe‪l. The revolution of the young. ‬ In July. The sweet, contagious innocence defeats all the sophistication. One morning, a young man or a young woman got up. A young man or a young woman who took no account of the complexities of politics. Who didn't care what the coalition would say, or what the opposition would say Who were unmoved by opinion polls, Who weren't captivated by…

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