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  • Israelis hold solidarity vigil with Paris terror victims

    Roughly 2000 Israelis held an impromptu vigil Saturday night for the victims of the Paris terror attacks, in which at least 128 people were killed in seven different incidents. The Tel Aviv Municipality lit up the city hall building in Rabin Square with the French flag. Landmarks around the world were also lit up with the French flag on Saturday. Photos by Yotam Ronen/  

  • WATCH: Lauryn Hill, Angela Davis call for black-Palestinian solidarity

    A new video featuring prominent African-Americans and Palestinians calls for solidarity in the face of state violence and supremacy. On the heels of attacks by both the Israeli army and settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank over the past year, a coalition of African-American organizations have come together to produce a new video promoting black-Palestinian solidarity. The video, titled “When I See Them I See Us,” juxtaposes the police killings of African-Americans with Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and settlers, and features over 60 major figures in both the black community in America, including Lauryn Hill — who canceled her…

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  • Thousands in Gaza plan int'l protest: It's impossible to live here

    A group of young activists in Gaza are organizing an international day of solidarity to protest against the impossible conditions and human rights violations created by Israel's and Egypt’s siege, the occupation, internal Palestinian conflicts and poverty. By Yael Marom “Life in Gaza has always been hard. But after Israel’s last attack it became impossible to live here. The problems became worse and the conditions deteriorated to the point that it is no longer possible to live humanely — and nobody cares,” Sajida Alhaj, 21, says in a Skype interview. Alhaj is part of a group of young activists in…

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  • The Jewish-Israeli Left can participate in the Palestinian struggle, but not as a partner

    Israeli Leftists want the 1.5 million Palestinians who live in this country to become an integral part of this Israeli society. But they see their fellow Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank belonging to a different country.  A Palestinian man and a Jewish woman are both participants at a Jaffa protest rally. The Palestinian calls out, “Yafa Arabiyeh Falastaneeyeh!” (“Jaffa is Arab-Palestinian!”). The Jewish woman doesn't like this. She takes him aside and explains that this is a joint Jewish-Arab demonstration. Thus, according to the woman, there is no place for a chant of “Jaffa is Arab,” just as…

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  • 50 years of the PLO: Where to now?

    The organization's face has changed significantly since 1964, most dramatically in the past 20 years since Oslo. The PLO must find a way to include the diaspora, empower grass roots activism and keep alive its founding spirit as a national liberation movement. By Samer Badawi Take one look at the website of the Palestine Poster Project, and you’ll get a glimpse of another era, when the iconography of the Palestinian struggle came in bold hues attached to even bolder slogans. Among the collection is a gold-tinted composition by the renowned Palestinian artist and art historian Kamal Boullata. The caption is…

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  • Soul searching at a West Bank demonstration

    'I go to demonstrations as a private person protesting the injustice done to the inhabitants of the West Bank. For them, however, I’m an Israeli before anything else, and this dissonance stands at the basis of the soul searching you are now reading.' By Noam Rotem (translated by Jordan Michaeli) As a graduate of the Israeli education system’s indoctrination and the rotten and corrupt military system, it's not natural for me to participate in a demonstration in the West Bank. And I speak only for myself. I'm not a member of any party or other political organization; additionally, I'm a…

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  • A week in photos: August 22-29

    Demolitions and arrests in the West Bank, solidarity with Rachel Corrie's family, preparing for war, and more. Activestills images tell the stories of the week. Activestills is a collective of Israeli, international and Palestinian photographers, united by a conviction that photography is a vehicle for political and social change. To stay updated on our latest images, like Activestills on Facebook  or follow @activestills on Twitter. You can also visit our flickr photostream.

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  • Solidarity vs. militarism: The Zionist contract and the struggle to define J14

    Two parallel demonstrations took place on Saturday night in the fair city of Tel Aviv: one calling for equal duties, the other for equal rights, and both defining themselves as part of J14. Why the split, and where is it going? Itzik Shmuli, leader of the national student union, did not join any of the recent weeks' J14 demonstrations for social justice. This aspiring politician, dubbed by media last year as the "responsible adult" in the movement, even went to the trouble of telling off demonstrators after a few bank windows were shattered during a vibrant demonstration two weeks ago,…

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  • Hundreds protest plan to demolish entire Palestinian village

    Over 500 Israelis and Palestinians from near and far gathered in Susya (southern West Bank) on Friday to protest plans by Israeli authorities to demolish the Palestinian village in its entirety. Despite being a peaceful and nonviolent demonstration, the army fired stun grenades, tear gas, and threatened to use "skunk" water. One protestor was injured in the head by a stun grenade and required stitches. Susya - located in Area C of the West Bank under full Israeli control - is under threat of destruction, following the June 7 interim injunction by the High Court of Justice to stop construction in the…

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  • Veteran activist tells the story of Sheikh Jarrah protests

    Israeli Solidarity activist Daniel Dukarevitch-Argo, who first got to know Sheikh Jarrah almost a decade ago, tells the story of the protest movement  from the ground up.  A new film by Just Vision about the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah will soon be released around the world. Simultaneously, opinion articles and summation pieces have begun to appear, adding to a months' long debate about the Solidarity movement's decision to stop the weekly demonstrations in the East Jerusalem neighborhood last September. Before one specific myth becomes cemented in general public opinion, I promised myself to try to describe what events looked like…

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  • What happened to the protests in Sheikh Jarrah?

    Two and a half years after the emergence of the protest movement that was celebrated as the birth of "a new Israeli left," only a handful of demonstrators come to the East Jerusalem neighborhood each Friday. Solidarity activists claim that the battle has moved to other places, while local Palestinian residents fear the future, and wonder whether evictions will resume, now that the media attention is gone. Just one year ago, the story of Sheikh Jarrah made it all the way to Washington, D.C., taking center stage at the annual J Street Conference, where leading members of the Israeli Solidarity…

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  • Friday protests in Sheikh Jarrah: Now a tiny vigil

    It's been nearly three years since demonstrations against evictions in Sheikh Jarrah began, and no one has heard a thing about the neighborhood in months. I went to check out the situation there on Friday - and found a shell of what it used to be.  Nearly 30 protesters gathered in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah on Friday to demonstrate against the appropriation of Palestinian houses for Israeli settlers. An overwhelming majority of the protesters were Israeli; six Palestinians were present. It was a far cry from the protests that put Sheikh Jarrah and the Israeli Solidarity movement…

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  • What is normal about normalization?

    The anti-normalization movement plays into the hands of the state of Israel's policy of separation. By refusing to engage and even on some level cooperate with Israelis, Palestinian anti-normalizers accept this policy. Anti-normalization is one of the hottest topics in the Palestinian community, although very few people can define exactly what it should mean. It is a term that gained strength in the 1980s against accepting the status quo of the occupation. Those who supported anti-normalization then were concerned about the occupation becoming a secondary issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A growing number of Palestinians working for Israeli businesses, a…

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