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solidarity protest

  • Following deadly march, hundreds of Israelis rally for Gaza

    Protesters denounce Israel's deadly response to the Gaza return march on Friday, when Israeli troops killed at least 15 demonstrators and wounded at least 1,400.  Some 300 Israelis protested along the Gaza border Saturday in solidarity with the Great Return March demonstrations in Gaza that began a day earlier. Across a field of wheat, the white tents of the march were visible through the early-spring haze. The protest was organized by the Coalition of Women for Peace, a feminist, anti-occupation organization. [tmwinpost] On the Gaza side of the border fence, Israel forces reportedly wounded 25 Palestinian demonstrators on Saturday. On…

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  • Israeli activists plan protest in solidarity with Gaza return march

    The Coalition of Women for Peace is calling on Israeli activists to join their solidarity protest near the border fence with Gaza on Saturday.  By Yael Marom Despite the army’s attempts to stoke fear among Israelis and Palestinians alike, a group of Israeli women will join the Palestinian protesters in Gaza on the other side of the border fence during the “Great Return March.” The Coalition of Women for Peace is calling for demonstrators to rally on Saturday in the area near the Gaza border “to show support and solidarity with the residents of Gaza, to oppose violence against the…

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