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  • Why Israel's Arab leadership is disengaging from the Zionist Left

    From the point of view of Israel's Palestinians, the Zionist Left has little to offer them anymore. Today, the Right's model of 'economic peace' is seen as the lesser of two evils. By Doron Matza The protests against government corruption and the erosion of the rule of law, which moved recently from Petah Tikvah to the symbolic Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, provide an interesting indication of the nature of relations between Arabs and Jews and, in particular, of the process that the country's Arab leadership is undergoing. [tmwinpost] What is striking in the context of the demonstration is the absence of the…

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  • How the social protests in Israel broke down national borders

    While trying to plan a new life abroad following the failure of the 2011 social protests, Regev Contes uncovers a family secret that radically alters his Israeli Jewish identity. By Mati Shemoelof Regev Contes’ new documentary film, "Goodbye Adolf," which recently aired on Israel’s Channel 1, is full of courage and honesty. (Warning: this article includes spoilers.) [tmwinpost] Contes, one of the leaders of the 2011 social protests, brings to the screen what we social activists felt after the failure of the protest: how it divided us, how we gave up and surrendered, how we scattered and dispersed to all corners…

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  • 'The great gas robbery': A chronicle of civil resistance

    A photo chronicle of the past few years of protest against the Israeli government's handling of newly discovered offshore natural gas reserves. Social activists, and economists, believe that Israeli citizens — and the state — are getting an unfair deal from the private companies who own the drilling rights. Photos by Text by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man For the past few years a dedicated group of Israeli social activists have been protesting what they, some economists and even a number of members of Knesset have termed “the great gas robbery.” The protests came on the tail end of a wider…

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  • Group of J14 activists to refuse their military reserve duty

    While thousands of J14 activists took to the streets and blocked main roads in major cities Sunday night, a group of reserve service soldiers is forming a new agenda of conscientious objection in protest of neo-liberalism and the lack of social justice. "I will no longer defend a state that doesn't defend its citizens," says activist. Moshe Silman, who set himself on fire Saturday night and who is still struggling for his life, sparked a new wave of angry J14 protests against the Israeli government. Thousands of demonstrators marched the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Be'er Sheva Sunday…

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  • The 'wrong' protest: Why J14 propagates the political status quo

    Despite the importance of the J14 movement's demand for social justice, by calling for the restoration of the welfare state while ignoring the mechanisms of Israel's ethno-national colonial regime that fosters occupation, activists are actually propagating the status quo, rather than undermining it. By Noa Shaindlinger Some have been arguing that the J14 movement has radicalized and matured since last year’s protests. But an examination of the “social protest” discourse and goals reveals this is not the case, and that it actually works in tandem with the current regime and political order. I am writing this as the streets of…

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  • Why J14 movement should keep occupation off the agenda

    Linking the J14 movement with security issues will be the downfall of the social justice movement. Talking about the occupation will only prolong it. Article originally published on the Daily Beast's Open Zion blog. When I was a teenager back in the 80’s, there was an ad on Israel’s only TV channel about road safety. It urged drivers to use their heads rather than simply rely on driving legally. The catchy slogan was “On the road, don’t be right—be smart!” Open Zion's Emily L. Hauser recently responded to a post of mine in which I argued that calculating the cost of the occupation…

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