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  • Masses demonstrate against austerity measures in Israel

    Over 12,000 Israelis took to the streets in Tel Aviv and other cities to protest against proposed tax hikes and spending cuts in the state's new budget. But will the latest iteration of Israel's social justice protest movement continue? The anger in the streets Saturday may be an indication that the movement will continue and possibly grow. Back on the streets. It was probably the largest demonstration for social justice and against austerity in the past year, if not since the Israeli 'Summer of 2011.' More than 12,000 protestors blocked the streets of central Tel Aviv Saturday night to protest against…

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  • Solidarity vs. militarism: The Zionist contract and the struggle to define J14

    Two parallel demonstrations took place on Saturday night in the fair city of Tel Aviv: one calling for equal duties, the other for equal rights, and both defining themselves as part of J14. Why the split, and where is it going? Itzik Shmuli, leader of the national student union, did not join any of the recent weeks' J14 demonstrations for social justice. This aspiring politician, dubbed by media last year as the "responsible adult" in the movement, even went to the trouble of telling off demonstrators after a few bank windows were shattered during a vibrant demonstration two weeks ago,…

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  • WATCH: Thousands block highway, attack banks in J14 protest

    Some 4,000 demonstrators clashed with police for more than four hours last night in the streets of Tel Aviv, blocking roads, smashing a few bank windows and besieging the local municipality. More than 80 were arrested in the most energetic and enraged J14 protest yet. All throughout the winter, Israelis wondered if the summer of protests would make a comeback this year, and some warned that the second time around would not be as "polite." Last night (Saturday) thousands took to the streets of Tel Aviv and proved that the struggle for social justice has not ended – and that…

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  • Israel social camp takes its baby steps

    No, the social movement cannot afford to raise Palestinian issues right now. But it is coming All over the place, pro-Palestinian activists are voicing a sharp criticism of the Israeli social justice movement: There can be no justice, they say, without raising the issue of the occupation and the beastly injustice done on daily basis to the Palestinians. Right, but oh so wrong. That the Palestinians suffer injustice and indignity is not in dispute – not even by the Israeli hasbara machine in its calmer moments. But to raise this issue now is to fracture the social justice movement too…

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