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  • Is Israel 'evil?'

    Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy, who in the past has called Israel Air Force pilots a 'death squadron,' condemned Israel as 'pure evil.' But is he right this time? By David Sarna Galdi Israeli media’s reigning provocateur, Gideon Levy, is an intellectual hooligan hanging around the neighborhood pub just waiting to cause some trouble. Levy insists on instigating scholarly brawls; if he takes a few punches it's no big deal because he relishes showing off his cogitative muscle. In an op-ed published by Haaretz last Sunday, Levy claimed that aside from nationalism, racism, and hatred for Arabs, there is “one more…

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  • A life of forced labor: Why Israel's Eritrean refugees fled home

    Is Eritrea's brutal dictatorship on the verge of collapse? By Elizabeth Tsurkov Israel is home to about 35,000 Eritrean asylum-seekers. While the Israeli government claims that they are work migrants, so as not to violate its own laws, Israel does not forcibly deport Eritreans back to their country of origin. As long as Eritrea is ruled by the current regime, the millions of Eritreans living outside of their homeland cannot return, but is it possible that the regime in Eritrea will soon collapse? Recent reports from Eritrea and refugees who recently fled the east-African country indicate that the regime is…

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  • Institutionalizing occupation: the 'University' of Ariel

    In the U.S. slavery was an accepted, normal institution for the first 140 years of the country's existence. While American universities are now trying to come to terms with their historical corroboration with slavery, Israel is just beginning to institutionalize its system of oppression through accreditation of the Ariel settlement college.  By Louis Frankenthaler Universities are meant to be institutions of higher learning and safe places for students to challenge the system, or support it as they see fit. In a democratic society we must accept and promote these principles zealously. In Israel, these principles are constantly threatened, most recently by the…

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  • On racism, Foreign Ministry worried about image, not reality

    Diplomats warn that reports of Israeli attitudes and acts towards refugees may harm Israel's image, ignoring the acts themselves. Our Foreign Ministry finds itself in a quandary. Israel brutally expels refugees from South Sudan, and runs a vicious and racist campaign against refugees from Sudan. Ministers and MKs are competing to see who can lead a more beastly campaign of hatred. The current winner is Madam MK and former IDF Spokeswomen Miri "I did not intend to compare the refugees to human beings" Regev, but the race is far from over. This, reports activist Rotem Ilan (Hebrew), is how the…

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