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  • Following orders: How the IDF eliminates 'quiet' in the West Bank

    When the occupation seems to becomes a bit too 'quiet,' the Israeli military is always there to fully contain and eliminate the threat. By Talal Jabari Israeli intelligence has intercepting would-be suicide bombers down to a fine art. The military is quite adept at quashing demonstrations in the West Bank (they did a very thorough job at leveling entire sections of the Gaza Strip during the 2014 military campaign). And along with every Israeli military action come the right-wing politicians who make their television appearances, patting themselves on the back and talking about eliminating the enemy — all the while reinforcing their fear-mongering…

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  • Why won't the army stop the theft of Palestinian trees?

    Time and time again, the saplings in the West Bank village Sinjil are stolen by Israeli settlers. Meanwhile, the army turns the other cheek, neglecting its obligation to protect the occupied population under its rule. By Yesh Din (written by Yossi Gurvitz) In early January 2014, after wandering the bureaucratic desert for over a year, the International Red Cross and the residents of Sinjil in the West Bank managed to get permission to plant 7,500 trees in the northern side of the village. Their joy didn't last long: settlers began targeting the new saplings almost immediately. The first attack occurred…

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  • Settler violence: It comes with the territory

    Unlike any other aspect of the occupation, settler violence is something nobody outside the radical fringe in Israel will defend. This, alone, they’ll denounce. And yet, nobody -- in Israel or internationally -- has found the political will to put a stop to the decades-long phenomenon, even when the victims are U.S. citizens. By Larry Derfner Photos by Mareike Lauken, Keren Manor and Kamal Shaban, a farmer in the West Bank village of Sinjil, is watching workmen repair a local family’s house that had recently been firebombed by settlers in the middle of the night, forcing the parents and five…

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  • Palestinian family targeted by arson in 'revenge' for murder of Israeli

    A 16-year-old Palestinian stabs a 19-year-old Israeli soldier to death in his sleep. That night, a completely unconnected Palestinian family's home is set alight while they sleep, in revenge for the murder. A Palestinian home in the West Bank village Sinjil was firebombed early Thursday morning in an apparent revenge attack for the murder of an Israeli soldier yesterday by a Palestinian teenager. Seven family members were inside at the time. Graffiti left on the house read, "Regards from Eden, Revenge." There is no known connection between the Khalil family and the family of the alleged murderer from Jenin. On Wednesday, Hussein…

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  • What happens when an IDF colonel overrules Israel's High Court

    We're pleased to introduce Col. Pinto, Commander of the IDF’s Binyamin Brigade, who holds a practical veto over decisions of the High Court of Justice. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Last month we reported that after a three-year sisyphean legal struggle, the IDF finally implemented a High Court of Justice order that Ali Shabana be allowed to access his land; and that the son of the owner, accompanied by a Yesh Din team, ploughed the land. All's well that ends well? Proof that a dim legal dawn finally breaks through the mist? Not quite. The settlers, as we reported,…

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  • From a Jenin funeral to solidarity in the Jordan Valley: A week in photos - August 15-21

    This week: Israeli forces kill a Palestinian in a Jenin raid, villagers return to land invaded by settlers, protesters camp out at Yair Lapid's house, Palestinians protest the against the occupation and in support of prisoners, an event in France promotes Palestinian culture and activists bring water to deprived Jordan Valley residents.                

  • In West Bank, the logic of annexation supersedes the rule of law

    Israeli authorities aren't merely incompetent when it comes to defending the rights of Palestinians in Area C - they are part and parcel of a process dedicated to the area's annexation. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz Last week, IDF forces removed, with hardly any noise, settlers from the lands of Muhammad Ibrahim 'Ali Shabana, a resident of the village of Sinjil in the West Bank. The removal took place after the invasion by settlers Yonathan Rothschild and Yehuda Elitzur. Thus ended a long legal saga which proves, yet again, the incompetence of the Israeli authorities when it comes…

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