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  • Naomi Chazan: An undemocratic Israel will not last a minute

    In a conference in Berlin on Israeli-German relations, Israeli speakers ask Germany to become the 'true' friend that Israel needs. (Berlin, GERMANY) - “No self respecting democracy in the world can accept the current wave of anti-democratic legislation in Israel,” said  New Israel Fund President Naomi Chazan in Berlin this weekend. Chazan, a former Meretz MK, spoke at a conference held by the Heinrich Böll Foundation titled “Estranged Friends? Israeli and German perceptions of state, nation, force - a comparison.” (Disclaimer: The writer was a guest of Heinrich Böll Foundation. +972 Magazine received a grant from Heinrich Böll Foundation, and is due to…

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  • All because of that war

    Sometimes you need the eyes of a stranger, looking in from the outside, to come to an understanding of subjects you have thought about so much and so often that they have become blurred and lost focus from your extreme closeness to them. On my trip to the US I had the pleasure of talking with Shirley – a pleasant, polite woman – about the situation in Israel. She asked about the central role of the military in Israel, about why there was such hostility to any criticism of it. This came up after describing my experiences (including death threats)…

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