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Shmuel Eliahu

  • This week's legal developments signal human rights decline

    From arresting activists for erasing graffiti, to proposing a law preventing asylum seekers from sending money they earn abroad: What several judicial and juristic decisions in the past week tell us about contemporary Israel. First incident: Last weekend, our kindly goons detained a group of Ta'ayush activists who visited the Palestinian unrecognized village of Susya. They visited the place after "price tag" pogromchiks sprayed the slogans "price tag" and "death to Arabs" near the viilage. The Civil Administration – staffed, appropriately, by IDF officers and gunmen – denied the villagers permission to delete those slogans. The officer filing that decision…

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  • Muslim and Christian cemeteries desecrated in Jaffa

    “Price tag” pogromchiks desecrated cemeteries in Jaffa, as part of their attempts to cause a civil war Hoodlums whose pride is their Jewishness have desecrated last evening – according to testimonies, less than an hour before Yom Kippur – two cemeteries in Jaffa. One of the cemeteries was Muslim, the other Orthodox Christian. The hoodlums desecrated tombstones and wrote “price tag” and “death to Arabs” on them. This being Yom Kippur, the Israeli media did not report anything yet – at least not that I’ve seen. MK Ahmed Tibi confirmed the details in an email, and you can see pictures…

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  • Journalist and activist Gideon Spiro arrested for "incitement"

    Gideon Spiro, 76, was arrested and released on Monday for what the police considered, apparently groundlessly, to be incitement. A Tel Aviv Police investigator arrested Monday Gideon Spiro, a veteran leftist activist aged 76, for suspected incitement relating to an article he had written. Spiro was discharged two hours later, after his attorneys – from the office of Michael Sfard – intervened on his behalf. Spiro, a dedicated writer of letters to judges whose judgment he considers lacking, is no stranger to controversy. One particularly strongly-worded letter led a magistrate judge in the late 1980s to order him to stop…

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  • Nobody mentions the Jewish Brotherhood

    Israelis bemoan the alleged rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ignoring their own local variety While Israelis pay plenty of attention to the fear of the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, they steadfastly ignore the rise of the Jewish brotherhood in their own country. The motto of the MB is “Islam is the solution”: faced with the failure of modernity in the Arab world, they want to step back into an imagined past of a pure Islamic rule – Sunni Islamism, of course. This interpretation of Islamic history has little relation to Islamic rule as it was…

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  • Israeli racist rabbis not afraid of the law

    Fifty rabbis demand Jews will not rent apartments to gentiles - and the law seems to defend them. Fifty Israeli rabbis, mostly municipal chief rabbis – that is, officials drawing their salary from public funds – published this morning a psak, religious ruling, forbidding Jews to rent or sell apartments to Arabs. One of them, Ashdod’s Chief Rabbi Yossef Sheinin, openly said what I’ve been writing for years: that Jewish racism originates in Jewish law. Shlomo Aviner, one of the most prominent of the settlements’ rabbis – famous for his misogyny (he ruled that, in case of danger, a man…

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  • An act of hactivism: a racist email raises hackles & ends up educating

    When racism becomes too ludicrous for comfort About a week ago, the deputy mayor of Carmiel, a man named Oren Milstein, was stupid enough to boast to a Yediot Ahronot reporter that he is operating, along with some shadowy group, a “snitch hotline”, which the good Jewish residents of Carmiel were invited to call and report neighbors attempting to rent, or – Gott forbid – even sell apartments to non-Jews. This caused a minor uproar; the ever-vigilant Mondoweiss noted it a short while later. Now, Carmiel is not the only Israeli town where such ideas take root. The city rabbi…

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