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Shlomo Swirsky

  • You can't fix Israel's economy without ending the occupation

    Israel's massive income inequality can't be solved without addressing one of the country's biggest expenses: decades of military rule over millions of Palestinians. By Dr. Shlomo Swirski If election campaigns were about policy, there would be two main issues at the center of the present Israeli election campaign. The first is the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. The second is the unbalanced development of Israel's economy, accompanied by persistently high poverty and inequality. The second is largely absent from the debate. The Palestinian issue is not – but it is present as the elephant in the room. [tmwinpost] Prime Minister Netanyahu does…

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  • An organic intellectual and social justice pioneer: A profile of Shlomo Swirski

    A profile of one of the most influential people in the struggle for social justice in Israel. Although he was kept out of academia, perhaps it was for the better. Who knows how much we would have lost had he wasted his days trying to sneak an article into the American Journal of Sociology. By Yossi Dahan (Translated from Hebrew by Aviel Lewis, edited by: Ami Asher) My first encounter with the name Shlomo Swirski was in the early 1980s as a student reading his book, Not Backward but Made Backward (1981). The rumor about the underground, green-covered book travelled by…

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