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shlomo swirski

  • How the occupation dictates Israeli economic policy

    The longer military rule over millions of Palestinians persists, the less Israel will invest in education, health, and welfare.  By Shlomo Swirski The hasty and rather under-reported deliberations on Israel’s 2019 state budget, approved by the Knesset on Thursday, present us with an opportunity to raise an important question: should the country stick to the policy of reducing public expenditures, especially social expenditures, relative to the rate of economic growth? [tmwinpost] This policy is well reflected in fiscal formulas, but always aimed at the reduction of budget deficits and at capping expenditures. The reduction of the deficit, for its part, facilitates…

  • The true price Israel pays for the occupation

    Both the economic and political elite in Israel benefit from the occupation in different ways. The longer the occupation persists, the wider become the gaps between these two '1 percents' and the rest of the country.  By Shlomo Swirski What is the cost to Israel of the occupation? And who in Israel is paying it? Discussions of Israel’s military rule over the Palestinian territories conquered in 1967 — now marking 50 years — usually revolve around moral, military, diplomatic, and legal matters. [tmwinpost] The impact of the conflict on Israeli society — on the standard of living, economic growth, inter-ethnic…

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