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sharon dolev

  • How Israel can stop a nuclear arms race in the Middle East

    While Israel is busy wringing its hands over a nuclear deal over which it has no control, it should instead be looking at processes it can influence. By Sharon Dolev People in Israel tend to see the nuclear agreement with Iran as an isolated, historical event, one that will either save Israel or place it under an existential threat. While we’re discussing and dissecting an agreement over which we have absolutely no influence, however, passing by right under our nose are other processes and developments — ones we haven’t thought of, spoken of, or even contemplated. That is, despite the…

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  • WATCH: Hiroshima and Holocaust survivors meet in Jerusalem

    Last month, a group of four Hiroshima survivors visited Israel through the initiative of Sharon Dolev and the Israeli Disarmament Movement. Dolev is engaged in one of the most difficult form of activism: the call for a discussion over the Israeli nuclear program, which is considered taboo by media and public alike. "Bringing Hiroshima survivors to Israel," Dolev said at an event in the Heinrich Boell Stiftung, "was the fulfillment of a life-long dream." The Social TV accompanied the survivors in their visit, which included an emotional visit to the Holocaust museum Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, where they met Jewish…

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