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  • 'In this room there is no Islam': The Shah's 'special relationship' with Iran's Israeli community

    A new documentary tells about the lives the Israeli community living in Iran during the 1960s and 1970s. But will the film be enough to challenge the dominant Israeli narrative regarding the root of animosity between the two countries?  By Lior Sternfeld / Haokets It seems that the mechanisms of remembrance and forgetfulness worked perfectly in shaping the collective memory of the relations between Israel and Iran. The Israeli narrative goes as such: during his reign, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi tried to create a modern, progressive, and western Iran (Iran’s relations with Israel were at the core and foundations of the shah's geostrategic…

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  • A Nowruz greeting from an Iranian: Our real enemy is ignorance

    On the occasion of the Persian New Year, Mehrdad Naderi (pseudonym) pens a letter to Israelis and others calling for unity among mankind, and getting to know one another - despite the 'fear of the enemy' fostered and perpetuated by political leaders. By Mehrdad Naderi Hello everyone, I am a 30-year old Iranian, and I want to write and express my feelings toward you. Throughout my life I have witnessed the effects of a religion-based regime that imposed itself on us during the revolution. As a result of the Islamic Revolution, Iranians have had to pay for the many disasters that…

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