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  • Post-hunger strike, admin detainee Khader Adnan is re-hospitalized

    Adnan, who is to be released in less than a week according to a deal reached with the state, is still being shackled to his hospital bed. By Yael Marom Just over a week after ending his 54-day hunger strike, administrative detainee Khader Adnan was re-hospitalized in recent days following a deterioration in his medical condition. Adnan reached a deal with Israeli officials last week to end his hunger strike in exchange for being released from custody on July 12. The state also agreed not to extend his administrative detention. [tmwinpost] The rehabilitation process after such a long hunger strike…

  • The irony of exporting Israel's hunger strike 'expertise' to the U.S.

    Can Israel help the United States treat hunger striking detainees at Guantanamo Bay more humanely? Probably. But one lesson that may be lost on the U.S. is that Palestinian hunger strikes in Israel have - for the most - part been successful. When nearly 200 people were rushed to Boston hospitals after the marathon bombing earlier this year, doctors were prepared because of an Israeli disaster management training they had received years earlier. When a building collapsed in Nairobi in 2006, Israeli army search and rescue teams flew in and freed trapped survivors. Disaster medicine is the one of the few fields in…

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  • WATCH: Why is Israel still shackling hospitalized prisoners?

    As far back as 2008, Israel's Health Ministry and Prison Service formulated clear criteria for the shackling of hospitalized prisoners. But as it turns out, the Prison Service still dictates the policy and doctors' hands are tied -- and shackling procedures are still being applied arbitrarily. Related: As Palestinian hunger strikes come to a head, world begins to take notice

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