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  • The Jewish Intifada: The conflict turns upside-down

    The newest chapter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – settler-led physical violence and destruction of both Palestinian and Israeli targets, within and beyond the Green Line – has turned regular conflict patterns of political divisions upside-down. Confusion and irony reign. Settler-led violence isn’t new: attacks on Palestinian civilians has been a regular feature of life in the “Wild East” for years, just as there have been Palestinian attacks on Israeli targets in the West Bank. But something seems different now. Attacks on mosques, cemeteries and property of Palestinians has accelerated in recent months. A brazen attack on an IDF camp in…

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  • Does Baruch Goldstein's rabbi want violent settlers shot?

    Wel-l-l... Amazing headline in The Jerusalem Post today: "West Bank rabbis: Allow live fire at stone-throwers." Mind you, the whole country is outraged today at the spectacle of that mob of settler youths attacking that army base in the West Bank, throwing stones, hitting a commander in the head, but now West Bank rabbis, of all people, are calling to shoot them? Sure looks that way: "Anyone who faces a danger, including being pelted by stones or other dangers, must be allowed to open fire against attackers without having to worry about being tried or having their weapon confiscated," read a letter from the rabbis to Prime Minister…

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  • IDF on settler stone-throwers: You wouldn't expect us to shoot a Jew?

    An IDF spokesman giving a radio interview casually admits  the army's bias in treating settler pogromchiks and Palestinians protesters in diametrically different ways Gotta hand it to the IDF. We could never have high-lighted its apartheid policy better. Monday night, three days after the killing of Mustafa Tamimi – who was killed by a 40mm grenade to the face by a soldier sitting in an armored vehicle – several young settler hoodlums tried to forcibly cross the border to Jordan, in order to create an outpost there. Ha’Kol Hayehudi, Israel’s equivalent of Radio Rwanda, claimed their purpose was to remind…

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  • Major Negev NGO offices burned down over the weekend

    Security cameras captured a masked assailant set fire to the offices of one of the most important NGOs in the Negev, hours before a major protest for the rights of the Bedouins. The Beer Sheva offices of the Arab-Jewish Centre for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation (AJEEC), were gutted by fire over the weekend, just hours before a major demonstration against the Israeli government's plan to resettle tens of thousands of Bedouin residents of the Negev. Luckily, the offices  were closed at the time and no one was hurt.  The current suspicion is arson, as there had been an attempt to…

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