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segregated busses

  • Photos: Israel's new 'Palestinian only' segregated bus lines

    A new Israeli bus line will serve only Palestinians. Officials claim it's not segregation, but the ongoing experience of discrimination faced by Palestinian workers speaks for itself. Photos by Oren Ziv/ Early this morning, Palestinians from the West Bank with permits to work inside the state of Israel crammed onto bus lines specially created for "Palestinians only" -- instead of using the same public buses used by Israelis. The Israeli Transportation Ministry launched the new bus lines today, for travel from the Eyal checkpoint to Tel Aviv and Kfar Saba and back to the checkpoint, after settlers complained about Palestinians…

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  • Marriage, gay marriage: Just how liberal is Israel?

    As New York legalizes gay marriage, Israel looks more and more like a theocracy The senate of the state of New York legalized civil marriages between gay couples tonight. New York, where the fight for gay rights began, is the sixth state in the US which affirms the rights of gay people to marry. South Africa passed a similar bill two years ago, and a large number of countries recognize a union – not a full marriage – between gay couples. Israel claims to be the only democracy in the Middle East, one which particularly gay-friendly. Thia is is a…

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