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  • Will surprising results stop a status-quo Netanyahu-led government?

    Despite the surprising weakness of the Right-ultra-Orthodox bloc, the final result of the elections, according to exit polls, is still likely to be a status-quo Netanyahu-led government. Why? Because the big winner in this election, media personality Yair Lapid, is a vapid centrist who is likely to join Netanyahu’s coalition and make little noise on policy -- either on Israel-Palestine, or any other topic The exit-poll results are in, and Noam has an excellent summary of the headline figures. A lot of the attention, as actual results pour in through the night, will be focused on the balance between the…

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  • Has settler movement sacrificed Gaza to annex the West Bank?

    A new YouTube video from the settler movement suggests that without Gaza, Israel can annex the West Bank and still maintain a Jewish majority. Only recently, Gaza was sacred land to the same movement. Does this indicate a strategic shift? By Eyal Clyne || Translated from Hebrew by Ofer Neiman. || Co-posted with Jnews. A. Is the annexation of the West Bank imminent? “Yesha Council”[1] and "My Israel"[2] have recently circulated a propaganda video clip as part of a campaign addressing the old Israeli-left argument, that "if a two-state solution is not established soon, Israel will lose its Jewish demographic…

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  • "I'm sorry for the racism but the flat is just for religious people"

    A landlord's request for religious tenants only points at dangerous impulses within Israeli society I’ve got a new gig in Jerusalem, so I’ve been busy apartment hunting lately. Here’s one of the odder listings I’ve seen on the website yad2: I’m sorry for the racism but the flat is just for religious people. This statement points to several currents running through Israeli society. The first is obvious—the landlord doesn’t want Palestinian renters. The second relates to the carving up of Jewish Israeli identity. It’s not just that the apartment is off-limits to Arabs; it’s also off-limits to another “race”: secular…

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