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second Lebanon War

  • Interior Minister Yishai: We lost Lebanon War due to lack of prayer

    The audacity (combined with a sprinkling of stupidity and garnished with arrogance) of Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) knows no limits. Channel 10 news reported last night that Yishai believes that if only IDF soldiers had spent a few minutes praying before they went to battle in the Litani river, their lives would have been spared. It’s not the first time, either. "In the Six Day War, every Jew, and every Jew that went to battle, raised their eyes to the creator," the Interior Minister said. But in the Second Lebanon War, Yishai said, the IDF relied only on its…

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  • Voices of People III: 'To make peace, build on what works'

    Dahlia Shaham: "Two states may be the right format for a sustainable political arrangement… But to think that this separation is like a divorce is to live in a world that doesn’t exist. No political border can separate people that way" Dahlia Shaham is a professional over-achiever. She grew up in Haifa and served in a legendary, slightly secretive IDF unit. She completed a law degree (LLB) at Hebrew University, worked as an analyst and team leader on social and economic affairs at the Reut Institute, a policy think-tank, and then did a Master of Law and Diplomacy in international political economics at…

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