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Sara Netanyahu

  • Prime minister's wife accused in court of abusing staff

    Former employees of the prime minister's residence are suing the Netanyahus for wife Sara's allegedly abusive and inhumane treatment. On Sunday a former cook recounted some shocking incidents when she testified under subpoena. Sara Netanyahu, the wife of the prime minister, is an alcoholic who drinks champagne from morning to night, terrorizes her employees with verbal and physical abuse and has her husband, the prime minister, so terrified of her rages that he does not dare utter a word that might appear to contradict her. This is according to testimony heard on Sunday in a Jerusalem court  from former employees at…

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  • How the anti-Netanyahu daily actually brought him to power

    Enhance a fear of Iran. Promote a privatization policy. Encourage the view that Israel has no peace partner. If you do all that, don't expect the voters to reject the person who represents this very worldview. Daniel Dor (translated by Sol Salbe) I recently heard some people saying that we now have the proof that the media really does not have any sway over the voting public. Look how much effort it invested in the campaign against Netanyahu, and once again he won. A generation of media professionals will now be raised on this so-called insight. It fits the industry's…

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  • Weekly Notebook: On Bibi's lies, BDS, reality shows, and more

    New feature: A selection of Larry Derfner's sociopolitical outbursts on Facebook (and one email) for the week ending Saturday, April 5.    WHAT HAVE THEY DONE FOR US LATELY? FB reaction to commenter who asks, “What have the Palestinians done to advance peace recently?" (Sunday, March 30): Close, daily security cooperation with the IDF and Shin Bet for 10 full years. They've arrested thousands of Hamasniks. It's a key reason why terror is so low, and the only reason why you don't see massive anti-Israeli demonstrations. Palestinian forces are policing the Palestinian population areas - the cities, the villages, the…

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  • Sheldon, Newt and Bibi: Egomaniacs for a strong Israel

    For Sheldon Adelson, Newt Gingrich and Binyamin Netanyahu, the political is the personal, and vice versa. I make it a point not to judge people's personalities on the basis of their politics; I've known, and known of, too many humble right-wingers and superior-acting left-wingers for that. But  not infrequently, the personal and the political line up: the good guy (of either gender) has what I would call good political ideals, the bad guy has rotten ones. At this rather fateful time for Israel, its three greatest champions - Bibi Netanyahu at home, Sheldon Adelson among American Jewry, and Newt Gingrich among American gentiles - are politically all Arab-bashers and personally all insufferable egomaniacs. I think this says something about Israel's sphere of influence…

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  • Yes, Mrs. Sara Netanyahu!

    This is a post I published in January 2010 on the “original” Half & Half blog, and I felt the urge to re-post it today after hearing about Sara Netanyahu’s new helper-fiasco. A Nepalese migrant worker, who is taking care of Mrs. Netanyahu's father, has claimed she was injured  during a confrontation with the Prime Minister's wife. --------------------------------------------------------------------- It's late at night at the Prime Minister's residence. Bibi is comfortably seated on his La-Z-Boy, reading Glenn Beck's latest novel. As his wife Sara walks in, he puts down the book, looks over the rims of his glasses at the title,…

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  • Izzie in HolyLand - Part 18: Egyptian revolution raises tough issues

    As Izzie watches events unfold in Cairo, it begins to dawn on her just how precarious this new situation is Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Ruth: Yes, Ms. HolyLand? Izzie: Ruth, get me all seven kitchen cabinet ministers in here. Pronto! Ruth: Yes, Ms. HolyLand, right away. In walk Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Strategic Affairs Moshe (Bogie) Ya’alon, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Intelligence Minister Dan Meridor and Minister of Nothing Benny Begin. Izzie: I want to thank you all for coming on such short notice. But I’d like to talk to you about something…

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