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  • The abnormal normality of the occupation and its 'escalations'

    To pretend as though the events of recent days are extraordinary is to ignore the context that led to this ‘flare-up’ and is disrespectful to the millions of Palestinians who wrestle with the occupation every day, in both the West Bank and in Gaza. It’s Wednesday. The death toll in Gaza is in the dozens and rising as Layla*, a Christian Palestinian, gets into my car. We live in Bethelehem. She needs a ride to pick up her tasrich (permit) from the Civil Administration’s office in Gush Etzion, where Israel and the Western media claim that the current “flare-up” began.…

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  • Photos of the week: From Papal peregrinations to jingoism in Jerusalem

    This week: Pope Francis visits Bethelehem and Jerusalem, where Palestinian worshipers attempt to put a focus on the separation barrier and hunger striking prisoners; right-wing Israelis march through the Old City of Jerusalem in a demonstration of Zionist nationalism; Palestinians in Israel and the West Bank protest in support of hunger striking prisoners.

  • PHOTOS: Palestinian prisoners, supporters struggle for freedom

    To mark International Palestinian Prisoners' Day, which has been commemorated annually by Palestinians worldwide since 1974, Activestills brings you a look into the lives of Palestinian prisoners and their supporters struggling to obtain freedom. According to Addameer, a Palestinian prisoner support organization, there are currently 5,224 Palestinian men and women held in Israeli prisons. These include 183 administrative detainees; 210 children; 21 female prisoners; and 11 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Since the occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip began in 1967, more than 700,000 Palestinians have been imprisoned by Israel. To this day, dozens…

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  • Photos of the Week: From a razor-wire Christmas to 'Marches for Freedom'

    This week: Former hunger striking Palestinian prisoner gets a taste of freedom; African asylum seekers march through central Tel Aviv and the Negev desert demanding recognition as refugees and an end to detentions; an art exhibit in Bethlehem brings occupation to pilgrims, one tear gas canister at a time; a week after massive storm, Gaza residents still struggle to recover from floods; Afghan asylum seekers march in Belgium; Tel Aviv homeless activists face eviction from tent encampment; and, Israeli journalists demand better wages and work conditions.  

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  • Israel releases former Palestinian hunger striker Samer Issawi

    Thousands gather in East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya to welcome the now-iconic hunger striker home. Text by Michael Omer-Man Photos by Oren Ziv and Tali Mayer / Former hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi was released to his home in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya Monday night, exactly eight months after he agreed to resume eating as part of a deal with Israeli authorities. Issawi staged an intermittent hunger strike for nearly nine months until April 23, 2013. Over 2,000 people awaited his release on the main road leading into Issawiya. Revelers carried him on their shoulders to…

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  • The irony of exporting Israel's hunger strike 'expertise' to the U.S.

    Can Israel help the United States treat hunger striking detainees at Guantanamo Bay more humanely? Probably. But one lesson that may be lost on the U.S. is that Palestinian hunger strikes in Israel have - for the most - part been successful. When nearly 200 people were rushed to Boston hospitals after the marathon bombing earlier this year, doctors were prepared because of an Israeli disaster management training they had received years earlier. When a building collapsed in Nairobi in 2006, Israeli army search and rescue teams flew in and freed trapped survivors. Disaster medicine is the one of the few fields in…

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  • Samer Issawi accepts deal to end his hunger strike

    After staging an intermittent hunger strike for some nine months, hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi agreed to start eating again, pending the signing of a deal later in the day. The deal would see him released to his home in Jerusalem in eight months. Update (April 23, 4:10 p.m.): Issawi has signed the deal and ended his hunger strike, Maan reports. He is expected to be released in late December of this year. Palestinian hunger striking prisoner Samer Issawi has agreed to end his hunger strike, and will be released to his home Jerusalem in eight months' time, Reuters reported…

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  • PHOTOS: Street exhibition confronts Israelis on Palestinian Prisoners' Day

    Members of Activestills posted a public street exhibition on the streets of West Jerusalem and Tel Aviv of photos that bring attention to Palestinian Prisoners Day. Photos by: Ahmad Al-Bazz, Shiraz Grinbaum, Keren Manor, Anne Paq, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Yotam Ronen, and Oren Ziv The following text, in Hebrew, accompanied street exhibitions of the photos from this essay which were posted in public places in West Jerusalem and Tel Aviv the night before Palestinian Prisoners Day, April 17, 2013. Images of the street exhibitions, some of them later defaced, follow below: April 17 commemorates Palestinian Prisoners' Day. As of February 2013,…

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  • Doctors fear Palestinian hunger striker's life in immediate danger

    Physicians are extremely worried by the deteriorating medical condition of Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi, who has not put food in his mouth for more than half a year. Doctors are concerned by the state of Issawi's heart, which is weakening and losing rhythm, and are assessing that he might also be suffering from brain damage due to severe lack of minerals, in addition to partial failures of his lungs and kidneys. The Palestinian Prisoner's Club attorney, Jawad Boulus, who visited Issawi in the Kaplan Hospital in Petah Tikva this morning, told +972 that there is a growing risk of sudden…

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