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Salam Fayyad

  • Preparing for the day after Abbas

    Mahmoud Abbas's heir apparent, Mahmoud Al-Aloul, will have to prove himself by distinguishing his path from that of his predecessor, widely viewed by Palestinians as a failure.  By Menachem Klein Someone in the Israeli intelligence community is worried about the health of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and specifically about what may transpire on the day after his death. Anonymous sources want the Israeli public and its decision makers to be concerned as well. Indeed, from the point of view of the Israeli establishment, there is cause for concern. The possible death of Abbas threatens the status quo and those who…

  • The road to Palestinian statehood runs through Gaza

    Irrespective of who wins in Israel's elections, Palestine will have to deal with the marginalization of its quest for statehood. That process must start by reintegrating Gaza into the Palestinian fold. By Salam Fayyad For Palestinians the quest for statehood begins with Gaza. But wait, is there still active regional or international interest in the cause of Palestinian statehood? I submit that whatever residual interest remains in the possibility of making yet another attempt at reviving the "peace process" finds expression these days largely in the phrase "let's first see what March 17 brings," a reference to the upcoming Israeli elections.…

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  • Who got rid of the prime minister of Palestine?

    The resignation of the Palestinian Authority's relatively popular but unsupported Prime Minister Salam Fayyad ends a story of frustration, progress and hope. Who killed the prime minister of Palestine? Well, no one killed Salam Fayyad, of course. But the idea of a prime minister of Palestine, the political leader of a someday-democratic state-coming-into being who would lead with cosmopolitan pragmatism, international credibility, and state-building savvy, seems now officially dead. After warnings and false starts, Fayyad has turned in his resignation and it has apparently been accepted by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas – according to reports. The resignation was precipitated…

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  • The Ramallah bubble: Prosperity under occupation?

    By Lia Tarachansky and Max Blumenthal From street level in downtown Ramallah the economy seems to be thriving. Gleaming storefronts display an array of brand-name products, American fast food restaurants are sprouting up and the city is host to a bustling nightlife that could rival Tel Aviv. For years Israeli officials have pointed to economic growth in the West Bank, arguing the occupation is not as detrimental as many argue. Israeli Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein and Eitan Dogat, head of the branch of the Israeli government in charge of the occupation (COGAT), have quoted figures showing…

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  • Demystifying one-state, acknowledging facts

    The question is no longer about whether one state should be considered, as there is only one state which governs over two people. The question is which kind of state it will be: the left or the right-wing version. The protests a few weeks ago in the West Bank against Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, once the hope for an institutional and economic state-builder for Palestine, look like one more sign of failure for the emergence of a de facto if not de jure Palestinian state. In the lead-up to September 2011, the Palestinian state appeared poised to advance towards greater general legitimacy. Internationally, the political zeitgeist was…

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  • Photo essay: Palestinians protest high prices, Israeli economic control

    A wave of protests in the occupied Palestinian territories against the high cost of living has raised the obvious question as to whether the 'Arab Spring' has arrived in Palestine. Since demonstrations started in the first week of September, Palestinians have regularly blocked roads in major West Bank cities, protesting the high prices for food, fuel, and other basic necessities, many of them criticizing the Palestinian Authority and calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. Protesters also targeted the Oslo Peace Accords, which were signed with Israel 19 years ago last Thursday. Many called for the abolition of…

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  • PHOTO: Palestinian taxi and truck drivers protest high fuel and food prices

    Though rumors of a general strike that would have shut down all traffic and closed businesses in Bethlehem and other West Bank cities failed to materialize, streets have been blocked in several locations as taxi and truck drivers took to the streets to protest high fuel and food prices. Reports from Ramallah, Tulkarem, Nablus, Hebron, Jenin, and Bethlehem indicate a growing number of daily actions to protest the cost of living. Targets of the protest include the Palestinian Authority in general and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad in particular. Protests are expected to continue in the coming days. Related: Palestinians take…

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  • PA-Israel trade agreements only stabilize occupation

    The trade agreements signed earlier this week between Israel and the Palestinian Authority serve as a reminder of the convenient status quo of occupation. They also illustrate just how irrelevant the PA has become in the struggle against the foreign military regime, and raise the question: When and how will it pay the price? On the face of it, one might have expected that a new treaty signed between the ultra right-wing government in Jerusalem and the less and less influential one in Ramallah after a series of secret meetings would have made it to front pages everywhere. However, once…

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  • To Mideast peacemakers: You are all George Costanza!

    Jason Alexander comes here to make peace, but sounds more like George Costanza. Problem is, he's not alone. Jason Alexander (“George Costanza” in Seinfeld) is a good liberal, he cares about Israel and wants to see peace, he wants to see Palestinians have their freedom and Israelis their security. He and an American group called “One Voice” were just in Israel and the West Bank again, talking to Shimon Peres and Salam Fayyad, to Israeli and Palestinian notables of all sorts. On Thursday Alexander wrote an op-ed in Yediot Aharonot titled, “Yes, you can,” which was almost mathematically even-handed. He…

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  • Fayyad to speak at US Palestinian lobby gala despite rift

    In just few hours, the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad is slated to give the keynote address at the annual gala dinner of the American Task Force on Palestine, or ATFP.  A few days ago, it was unclear Fayyad would be allowed to attend, much less speak, after the Palestinian Authority severed ties with the group. The ATFP is a non-profit organization based in heart of the U.S. capital that, in its own words, “is dedicated to advocating that it is in the American national interest to promote an end to the conflict in the Middle East through a negotiated…

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  • Will Palestine be a state according to international law?

    Israel and the family of nations should look into the Palestinian statehood bid and judge it based on current international law. By Issa Edward Boursheh The Montevideo Convention, today a part of customary international law, outlines four requirements for statehood: a)    Defined territory b)    Permanent population c)    Government d)    Capacity to enter into relations with other states Does the future Palestine state meet the following criteria? And if not, will negotiations offer a reasonable solution that will keep the longed-for two-state solution alive? If there’s one thing that Netanyahu should do this September, it is to thank Palestinian President Mahmoud…

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  • Palestinian pollster: UN declaration may be last chance for Abbas

    "It’s very clear that the public wants a real state, not just a state in name. The public is willing to pay the price." Palestinian pollster Khalil Shikaki explains why a unilateral declaration of statehood  may be the last chance Palestinians give to their current leadership, and the dilemmas Palestinians face come September. As September approaches, this is the moment to understand what the Palestinian people are thinking. What will the potential statehood declaration mean for them? What are their hopes and fears? And perhaps the question on everyone’s mind is – what do they plan to do? Will there…

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  • WATCH: protesters clash with soldiers at Bil'in barrier

    Palestinian demonstrators and their supporters have clashed with Israeli soldiers at a weekly gathering in the village of Bil’in in the West Bank. It happened as the demonstrators approached a portion of the controversial separation barrier built by Israel. Soldiers fired back with tear gas after demonstrators drove a bulldozer into part of the barrier. ------------------ Read more on the context of the protest in Noam Sheizaf's report from in Bil'in here.

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