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  • In the war against Iran, the IDF Spokesperson sides with jihadists

    The IDF Spokesperson to the Arabic media publishes a video quoting a medieval Muslim scholar who has inspired jihadists from Bin Laden to ISIS. By Yossef Rapoport The latest video published by Avichai Adraee, the IDF Spokesperson for the Arabic media, shows the major quoting the writings of medieval Sunni Muslim scholar Ibn Taimiyyah, in an attempt to expose the "danger" that Shia pose to the Muslim community. According to Adraee, Ibn Taimiyyah’s warnings from the 14th century were only a previous incarnation of the current Iranian threat. [tmwinpost] The video is entirely dedicated to portraying the Shia as “infidels” in Sunni Islam. Adraee opens with a verse…

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