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Saeb Erekat

  • Palestinian chief negotiator's resignation signals futility of PA

    My initial reaction to the resignation of chief Palestinian Authority negotiator Saeb Erekat was sadness. Erekat has been a staple of negotiations for as long as I can remember and his leaving marks the end of an era. Erekat claims he left because he had to assume responsibility for the fact that the leaked Palestine Papers came out of his offices. His leaving underscores that a resolution has been depressingly unattainable - that he had an impossible job, a truly Kafkaesque experience. As his aides told Al Jazeera, when asked about his successor: "there's no point. Why would we have…

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  • The leaders got it all wrong: Palestinian view on Palestine Papers

    There are no real surprises in the Palestine Papers. The PA’s stumbling, incoherent responses to the allegedly scandalous revelations are not surprising either. The real lesson to be gleaned from the documents is that the Palestinian negotiators failed to understand the goal of ‘peace’ negotiations By Maath Musleh The revelations in the Palestine Papers, which are currently being published in sections by Al Jazeera and the Guardian, are not shocking. It is common knowledge that the Palestinian Authority was willing to make enormous concessions in order to protect its interests. Actually, if the concessions documented in the Palestine Papers released…

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  • A response to Lara Friedman: we must discuss one state now

    Lara Friedman, director of policy and government relations for Americans for Peace Now (APN), writes in the forward against even talking about the one-state solution: Anti-Zionists and some post-Zionists imagine a Palestinian-majority, secular, democratic state; some Israeli right-wingers envision Israel annexing the West Bank, using ploys to disenfranchise its Palestinian residents and finally getting rid of Gaza. (…) Those of us who care about the future of Israel and the Palestinians should be doing everything we can to capitalize on this realism and to realize the two-state solution, before the opportunity is truly lost. And we should be pushing back…

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