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route 443

  • What occupation looks like for Rashida Tlaib’s village in the West Bank

    Forty years of land grabs, settlement expansion, and the building of a highway that is off limits to Palestinians. This is what is happening to Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib's village. By Dror Etkes The West Bank village of Beit Ur al-Fauqa made headlines over the weekend, after Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib announced she would not accept Israel’s offer for a “humanitarian visit” to see family, and particularly her aging grandmother. Beyond Tlaib’s personal story, however, is the story of a village that has seen decades of land grabs for the purpose of Israeli settlement expansion and the construction of a bypass…

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  • Israel's new 'apartheid road' is about more than just segregation

    Israel claims the new road, which separates Israelis and Palestinians by an eight-meter wall, alleviates traffic for settlers while helping Palestinians travel around the West Bank. Human rights activists say it will help create Israeli-only enclaves free of any Palestinian presence.  Israel unveiled a new segregated highway in the occupied West Bank last week, with a giant eight-meter concrete wall separating Palestinian and Israeli drivers on either side. Labeled the apartheid road by critics, Route 4370’s official reasoning is to alleviate traffic for Israeli settlers commuting to Jerusalem, as well as creating a new way for Palestinians to travel between the northern and…

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  • Shot in the head by the IDF? Your entry permit is now revoked

    An IDF officer opened fire on a Palestinian taxi, killing a 15-year-old boy, and wounding five others. The driver, who was shot in the head, returned from the hospital to discover his work and entry permits had been revoked. By John Brown* On Tuesday, June 21 at 1:30 a.m., an officer from the IDF's Kfir Brigade who was driving on Route 443 in the West Bank stood over a bridge adjacent the road and fired a number of bursts at a taxi that passed below. This took place after Palestinians had reportedly thrown stones in the area. The gunfire killed…

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  • Living inside an invisible cage: Welcome to Nabi Samuel

    'To bring in gas we need a permit. To bring in sacks of flour in we need a permit. And when we get a permit, we arrive at the checkpoint and they tell us we have no permit.' By Moriel Rothman There are only 10 homes left in the small Palestinian village of Nabi Samuel, just northwest of Jerusalem. The remaining families are fighting an uphill battle to continue living in their homes. As its name indicates, Nabi Samuel is home to the proclaimed burial site of the Prophet Samuel. In the 11th century, Christian crusaders built a fortress and…

  • PHOTOS: Palestinians destroy separation barrier in two West Bank villages

    During the early hours of Friday morning, Palestinians in two Palestinian villages took part in a "direct action" to destroy parts of the separation barrier. In Bir Nabala, located on the other side of Route 443, Palestinians used hammers to break open a hole in the wall, while Palestinians in Rafat (near the Ofer Military Prison) cut through 20 meters of the security fence bordering their village. The army did not arrive during the action, and no mainstream media outlet was invited.

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  • 111 kilometers, one day: A journey from E1 to Tel Aviv

    Israel is threatening to bisect the West Bank by building in the E1 area, between the settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem. A photographic journey shot in medium format film - starting east of Jerusalem, through the west of the city and all the way to Tel Aviv - provides portraits of how different rights are extended to different people under Israeli rule. By Mareike Lauken and Keren Manor   Our journey begins in Ma'aleh Adumim, one of 124 Israeli settlements established in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 1967. With its green lush palm trees, olive tree roundabouts and parks,…

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  • A week in photos: October 11-17

    Olive harvests in the West Bank, protests against settler violence, refugees from Israel to Germany demonstrate for the their rights, and more: Activestills images tell the stories of the week.                    

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  • Photos: Palestinians block Route 443 to protest settler violence

    On Tuesday, a group of Palestinians and internationals managed to block Route 443, which connects Jerusalem to Tel Aviv through the West bank, with only extremely limited access for Palestinians on whose land it is built. The demonstration took the IDF by surprise, and blocked traffic for approximately 30 minutes. According to Ma'an News: Since 2002, Israel's military has prohibited Palestinians from using the highway, which Israel expanded on privately-owned Palestinian land. The ban disconnects seven villages from each other and from Ramallah. The Israeli high court ruled in Dec. 2009 that the ban on Palestinians using Route 443 in the…

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  • A week in photos: September 13-19

    Palestinians call for the release of their relatives from Israeli jails, Al-Araqib residents recover from another demolition, and Occupy Wall Street marks its one-year anniversary. Activestills images tell the stories of the week. 

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  • Ramallah & Tel-Aviv: So close, yet so far

    On his way back to Tel Aviv, after attending in Ramallah the concert of Algerian singer Souad Massi, Issa Edward Bourseh contemplates the actual distance between the two cities By Issa Edward Bourseh I took that long tortuous ride to Ramallah on Tuesday to watch Souad Massi, THE Algerian singer, perform at the Palestine International Festival 2011 in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Fortunately, the cold weather that welcomed the attendees was the exact opposite of what was to come that evening.  Souad Massi’s concert was electrifying in many ways. The performance was a perfect mixture of Arab music…

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  • The road to Ramallah: toward a dead end (Issa E. Boursheh)

    For many years I have attended the annual memorial ceremony for Yitzhak Rabin. I planned to attend this year, too, particularly after hearing that it might be the last one to be held in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, which was called Kings of Israel Square when the late prime minister was assassinated there, at a peace rally, in November 1995. I thought I was willing to make a lot of sacrifices in order to be there, but it turned out I was wrong about that. On the morning of 30 October, the day the memorial was supposed to take place,…

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