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Rothschild housing protest

  • Five comments on the (troubling) situation

    What does the appointment of Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i to ambassador of China really mean? Why is Yair Lapid whining? Which is the most interesting political teaming-up so far? What is one of the main goals of the war on Iran campaign? And what do we know of Netanyahu’s crime solving abilities? Ni Hao Home Front Defense Minister Matan Vilna’i resigned from his post today so that the cabinet could approve his appointment to be ambassador to China. Thanks to a few Facebook friends*, I compiled a short list of questions that some of us had due to…

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  • An immigrant to Israel struggles to stay here

    The social justice movement has started up just in time to offer middle class Israelis like Karen Kaufman hope that life in Israel might finally get better - and cheaper By Karen Kaufman I moved to Israel exactly 15 years ago. Almost immediately after finishing my last exam at high-school, I got on a plane, by myself, and left London. Initially I came on my “gap year” between high school and university, but pretty much certain that it would be for good. A year later, I made it official: went back to London, got all the paperwork done and made…

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  • The tent protest: neither social justice, nor revolution

    This article was jointly written by Dahlia Scheindlin and Joseph Dana, based on our shared experiences of the protests. The popular, mass protests here that began as a cry of rage against housing prices have evolved admirably into a public outcry against a slew of deep-rooted problems in Israeli social and economic life. Visiting the tent camps early every day, we’ve watched the protest grow from a motley band of wishful Woodstockers at the tip of Rothschild Boulevard two weeks ago, to a sort of mini-metropolis spreading close to the end of the road. There’s a first aid tent courtesy…

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  • My heart is with the Tent Protest: A personal story

    An educated, bi-lingual American Israeli who can't find a job tries - in vain - to get her landlord to fix her drain. Good luck. It started in December—when I did the dishes in the kitchen sink, dirty water and bits of food bubbled up from the shower drain, flooding the bathroom. I called the landlord. She claimed that she’s not responsible for the apartment’s pipes. It’s my problem. I waited it out for a couple of months, hoping that the trouble would clear up as suddenly as it appeared. It didn’t. I told myself that the overflow was actually…

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  • Updated: Housing price protests fail to make an effective statement

    This post has been updated, Sunday, 24 July, 2011 The race is on to de-legitimize the housing protestors this week, a group of youngsters camped out on Rothschild Boulevard angry about the high cost of housing. Rothschild is the tony downtown of Tel Aviv, which was renovated some years ago, and now apartments there net a pretty penny. The renovation also made it into a social hub for the whole city, with inviting cafes, benches, fountains and periodic art installations. When I moved here, it was full of sand and flies. I quite like the change, even though I recognize…

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