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roof knocking

  • IDF edited out key footage of deadly Gaza missile strike, researchers say

    The Israeli military published drone footage of its air force bombing a seemingly empty building in Gaza. It left out the part where one of its missiles killed two teens sitting on the roof, independent investigators find. The Israeli army edited out key footage of a missile strike that killed two Palestinian teenagers sitting on a Gaza rooftop earlier this year, according to an investigation by the UK-based Forensic Architecture institute and Israeli human rights group B’Tselem that was published this week. [tmwinpost] In the late afternoon hours of June 14, 2018, two Palestinian teens, Luai Kahil and Amir al-Nimra,…

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  • The IDF doesn't only aim at Hamas targets

    Over a 160 people killed, entire neighborhoods which receive arbitrary warnings, entire families that have been bombed using hundreds of tons of explosives, shooting at a journalists' car  and hitting hospitals and schools. No, we do not only shoot  at Hamas targets. (Translated from Hebrew by Sol Salbe) On Saturday evening, Hamas issued a warning, saying it was going to bomb Tel Aviv at 9 p.m. It did, and luckily the rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome. Sunday morning the IDF issued a similar warning to all residents of "the northern Gaza Strip," saying it will attack the entire area…

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