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roi ben yehuda

  • A Palestinian drasha for Rosh Hashana

    A few weeks ago, Rabbi David Shneyer invited me to address his congregation at a temple in Bethesda Maryland, during the Rosh Hashana service. So on Thursday morning, I drove to Maryland to speak to about 1,000 Jews about my understanding of  parashat hashavua - the Torah portion read this week. The Rosh Hashana reading is about Issac and Ishmael, the ancestors of Arabs and Jews.  Some analysts consider the two brothers to be the source of the Arab-Jewish conflict. However, at no point does the Torah say that they were enemies. Despite Sarah and Abraham's decision to repudiate Hagar…

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  • J14 gets Israeli expats to take another look at homeland

    Israelis abroad are watching the unfolding events in their homeland with awe, hope - and skepticism. Some of them have left for studies, some for work - and some have left for good because life was just too hard here. Have events changed the way the perceive the country they left? By Roi Ben Yehuda and Ami Kaufman Last Saturday, as I watched the throngs of people taking over Tel Aviv, I was jealous. My wife and I are taking turns babysitting during the demos, and I felt it was a shame I wasn't there. Which got me to thinking…

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