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  • Be'er Sheva, a city with no refuge from rockets

    In Be'er Sheva, there are two kinds of people: those who sit protected in their shelters, calling for the occupation of Gaza, and the thousands of people who, living in buildings that crumble around them and with nowhere to run, just wait for the end. I live in such a building. Conversations with residents who have no refuge from the rockets. By Daniel Beller (translated from Hebrew by Noam Shemtov) The city of Be'er Sheva on Friday night got a reminder of why it needs a little less pride and lot more protection, especially for the weak: a rocket hit a…

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  • Live blog: Escalation in Gaza - July 2014

    Following almost a month of Israeli air strikes and Palestinian rocket launches in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army declared that it had launched 'Operation Protective Edge.' The Israeli cabinet on Tuesday authorized the call-up of 40,000 reservist soldiers after a night in which the Israeli Air Force launched dozens of air strikes inside the Gaza Strip. The operation comes as tensions are already high in Israel and the West Bank following the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers and a Palestinian teenager from East Jerusalem. Live updates below. 11:45 a.m., July 13 The death toll from an Israeli air…

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  • It's time to talk about Gaza

    For the sake of both the residents of Israel's south and the Palestinians, we must speak about Gaza as a place with real people, rather than as a science experiment. Over the past few years, the Israeli public discussion has reduced conditions in Gaza to one of two situations: either it's the place where rockets are fired from, or it's the place where rockets are momentarily not being fired from. Responses to the rocket fire are determined accordingly: attack with vigor or hold back; refrain from entering the Strip or recreate the "achievements" of Operation Cast Lead; allow building materials…

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  • Head of IDF’s Gaza command: Hamas is the new policeman in Gaza

    An Israeli army general says Hamas is stopping attacks against Israel and even 'keeps the peace' when the IDF operates along the border. Israel’s Channel 10 revealed the contents of a closed meeting between the head of the IDF’s “Gaza Command,” the top general responsible for the strip, and Israeli citizens living in the region. In the meeting, Brig.-Gen. Miki Edelstien confirmed what has been speculated for some time: that Hamas authorities are preventing all military activity against Israel and are even conducting crowd control near the border with Israel. However, Edelstein said that there is no direct cooperation between the…

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  • A week in photos: Gaza escalation, ahead of ceasefire

    Palestinians in Gaza celebrated the ceasefire yesterday evening, but the destruction and grief left in the wake of Israeli airstrikes are enormous. Activestills documented the Israeli operation from beginning to end, capturing its effects in Israel, the West Bank and, most acutely, the Gaza Strip.                                              

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  • PHOTO ESSAY: Death, fear and protest as attacks on Gaza, Israel intensify

    By +972 and Activestills At least 23 people, among them 14 women and children, were killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza on Sunday, November 18th, bringing the total number of Palestinian casualties since the assassination of Ahmad Jabari to 69. Three Israelis were killed last week when a rocket hit a house in the southern town of Kiryat Malachi. Air strikes on Gaza continued throughout the day, as did rocket launches toward Israeli towns, including several rockets which were intercepted above Tel Aviv by the Iron Dome. At the time of writing, there hasn't been a breakthrough in the effort to reach…

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  • Gaza operation will be declared a success, until the next war

    No. Not again. This can't be happening again. But there it is. Once again, just like it was four years ago, it is winter. Reports on tension, violence, the regular exchange of rockets on southern Israeli towns, and assassinations and airstrikes on Gaza dominate the media once more. Calls for revenge and a more resilient response are commonly heard. And then: a bigger attack. Something that Israel knows will drag both sides into using all they have, usually resulting in hundreds of dead and extreme destruction on the Palestinian side, and several killed and severe damage on the Israeli one.…

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  • Will Israel's rocket defense system help or hurt the conflict?

    By David Lehrer Those of us who grew up in the United States in the 1960s may remember that period as one of naïve optimism overshadowed by apocalyptic terror.  We were terrified of the possibility that nuclear missiles from the USSR would be launched at us but naïvely believed that if we just crouched down under our school desks and held our heads between our hands we would be safe. We lived in a MAD, mad world, where MAD stood for Mutual Assured Destruction, the military doctrine and foreign policy that guided the strategic relationship between the two superpowers.  The…

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  • Zombie threat: Rebuttal of the arguments against 67 borders

    A lot of people appear to be concerned about the "indefensibility" of 1967 borders. A lot of people also seem to be worried about the prospect of Zombie apocalypse. Far be it from me to imply that there is any overlap between the two groups. Nonetheless, these two notions have one thing in common: much like Zombies, the threat posed by 1967 does not exist. This is not an original point: it has been made by commentators as diverse as Jonathan Chait and Josh Marhsall, and many others, I am sure. Their general message has been that the Israeli security…

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  • Israeli minister, media perpetuate lie about Goldstone's Gaza report

    Eli Yishai, Israel's lethally incompetent Interior Minister, is outraged that Judge Richard Goldstone, who headed the UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza war, has not condemned attacks on Israeli civilians. According to Ynet, Yishai sent a letter to Goldstone in which he "demanded of Goldstone to condemn the firing from Gaza as he did with IDF operations in the Gaza Strip." The idea that Goldstone did not condemn the firing of rockets from Gaza is one of the oft-repeated lies about his report. Look, the document is posted on the World Wide Web. It is pretty long, so let me…

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  • Israel leaves its own civilians defenseless as war looms

    There is a direct connection between the Israeli government's disdain towards casualties among the "enemy's" civilian population, and its indifference to the fate of its own civilians. The next war, unfortunately, will probably see both groups badly suffer. As I have written here in the past, there are strong indications that Israel may be inching towards war with several of its neighbors. We have good reason to believe this war will have a devastating impact on the non-Israeli side. But what about ordinary Israeli civilians? How will they fare in such a war? Sadly, it seems there is cause for…

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