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Richard Silverstein

  • How Israel is trying to enforce gag orders beyond its borders

    At Israel's request, Twitter is blocking Israelis from viewing certain tweets published overseas. Similar take-down notices have been sent to other international online platforms, the Justice Ministry confirms. Israeli authorities are taking steps to block their own citizens from reading materials published online in other countries, including the United States. The Israeli State Attorney’s Office Cyber Division has sent numerous take-down requests to Twitter and other media platforms in recent months, demanding that they remove certain content, or block Israeli users from viewing it. [tmwinpost] In an email viewed by +972, dated August 2, 2016, Twitter’s legal department notified American blogger Richard Silverstein that the Israeli…

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  • I still don't buy the hype about Iran

    Maybe I'm in denial. Or maybe I'm naive. Even though I trust and respect Richard Silverstein, I don't buy his latest leak: Bibi's Secret War Plan. It's the Israeli government's newest psychological operation.  Silverstein writes: In the past few days, I received an Israeli briefing document outlining Israel’s war plans against Iran. The document was passed to me by a high-level Israeli source who received it from an IDF officer. He goes on to explain that his source hopes "to expose the argument and plans" the Bibi-Barak duo are making behind the scenes. You can read some of the details…

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  • Who would want us to think Iran crashed a drone in Israel?

    Richard Silverstein reports on his blog that the aircraft that crashed in central Israel today was a "booby-trapped" foreign drone flown into the country, and that it crashed not in a field, but in a top-secret missile base (which I am not naming it here because I'm not entirely sure about my position vis-a-vis Israel's military censors on this bit). Richard goes on to speculate the only enemy of Israel's that can conceivably produce an aircraft such as this one is Iran, but that it's unlikely Iran could control a drone from so far away, so it must've been Hezbollah,…

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  • Joining Larry Derfner on "Israel Reconsidered"

    As of this week, I'll be joining Jerusalem Post columnist Larry Derfner on the debating blog "Israel Reconsidered". Larry has opened the blog as a discussion platform between himself and Richard Silverstein, but Richard has recently left the project; he explains his reasons here. When Larry contacted me last week and asked if I knew someone who'd be willing to replace Richard, or perhaps would consider joining myself, I was more than happy to jump on the opportunity. Apart from the thrill of working with Larry - a columnist whom I've been reading with tremendous enjoyment and appreciation for many…

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  • Diaspora Museum to honor site responsible for Obama-hating clips

    Caroline Glick's "Latma" site will receive special honor from the museum on its yearly board of governors meeting next week The Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv is about to honor this week the people behind the rightwing satire and media site Latma for the "we con the world" video they produced in the aftermath of the IDF raid on the Gaza-bound flotilla. The evening will be hosted by the celebrated Liberal writer and TV pundit, Yaron London. I must admit that when I saw this item for the first time on Richard Silverstine's Tikkun Olam blog, I found it hard…

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  • Israeli tabloids urge NIF to ditch Palestinian and leftist NGOs

    Israeli Tabloids Maariv and Yisrael Hayom, which led the attack on the New Israel Fund in recent months, celebrated yesterday what they believe is a change in the NIF policy regarding its support for leftwing organizations. A page 4 story in Maariv, written by the paper's reporter in New York, Tzah Yoked, has declared that "from now on, organizations that reject the right of the Jewish people to self-determination in Israel will no longer be eligible to receive money from the New Israel Fund." The story repeated some of the misleading information Maariv published in the past, claiming that NIF-backed…

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  • Netanyahu on leaked video: Clinton administration was “extremely pro-Palestinian”, I stopped Oslo

    A couple of months ago I discussed here the debate between Peter Beinart and Jeffrey Goldberg regarding Bibi and Oslo. As some readers might remember, Goldberg accused Beinart of fabricating facts in claiming that Netanyahu rejected the peace agreement. Last Friday, channel 10 broadcast a homemade video of a visit by Netanyahu to a settler family in 2001, two years after his defeat to Ehud Barak. Netanyahu is seen answering the family's questions, referring to the Clinton administration as "extremely pro-Palestinian" and boosting how he managed to stop the Oslo agreement - while publicly endorsing it - well before the…

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