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richard nixon

  • Amid Gaza war IDF buys ammunition from U.S. stock in Israel

    The last time the U.S. allowed Israel to restock the IDF's munitions from its local supply was in 2006, during the Second Lebanon War. The U.S. approved the sale of $300 million worth of ammunition to Israel, the Pentagon confirmed Wednesday. Among the ammunition Israel bought from the U.S. was "an undisclosed amount of 120 mm mortar rounds and 40 mm ammunition for grenade launchers," ABC news reported The interesting fact is that the sale was made from the U.S. stockpile (WRSA-I) - an emergency storage of ammunition and other military gear (including missiles and military vehicles) that the U.S.…

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  • PM to Jpost editor: My two enemies – Haaretz, NY Times (LISTEN)

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's greatest personality fault, his deep paranoia, has produced another Nixon-like moment: Steve Linde, the editor of the right-wing Jerusalem Post, told the crowd at a Women's International Zionist Organization conference of a strange exchange he had with the Israeli Prime Minister. JTA reports: “He said, ‘You know, Steve, we have two main enemies,’ ” Linde said, according to a recording of the WIZO speech provided to JTA. “And I thought he was going to talk about, you know, Iran, maybe Hamas. He said, ‘It’s The New York Times and Haaretz.’ He said, ‘They set the agenda…

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