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  • A failed revolution: Why Israel's next social protest will be a violent one

    The next social protest will be violent because the demand will no longer be for change but for a revolution - and revolutions are violent by nature. Two years after Israel's social protests, poverty is only increasing, a small number of people control the economy and politicians are still ignoring the grievances of those who elected them. By Ilan Manor The next social protect in Israel will be a violent one, and not simply because the last one failed. The next protest will be violent because of the social stagnation that currently characterizes Israeli society, a stagnation that prevents social…

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  • Block by block, Egyptians fight their past for a new future

    'For me, today is one of the days of the revolution,' Egyptian poet Zain El-Abdeen Fouad says, describing the recent unrest as part of a process of a continuing social transformation. 'The [revolt against Mubarak] sparked the revolution and it never ended. The revolution will continue until it achieves its goals.' By Jesse Rosenfeld CAIRO – Walking through Cairo’s Munira neighborhood on the third day of clashes since the second anniversary of Egypt’s revolution, riot cops sit behind barbwire awaiting protesters’ return following a night of clashes. Just blocks from Tahrir Square and the U.S. and British Embassies, the neighborhood…

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  • The death of Gaddafi and the Year of the Popular Protest

    The death of Muammar Qaddafi—a dictator who lived and died by the sword—is just one more seminal event in what has been, without a doubt, an exceptional year in the history of the world. It has been the Year of the Popular Protest, a fire that has left no corner of the globe untouched. The fever of revolution has spread from Tunisia across the Middle East, into Europe, and now even the United States, as people are demanding change from the powers that be on a global level. Although it is still far from over, Qaddafi’s death crystalized just how…

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  • Notes from Caracas: "Social justice" comes at a price

    Venezuela has undergone a socio-economic transformation over the last decade, amid calls for "social justice." Many people have paid the price, with their savings and their lives. Tel Aviv's protesters should be aware of the costs of attaining what they are calling for. A tale of two cities I received a note from a Tel Aviv-based friend of mine – a fellow journalist who knew I had just arrived in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas – which read, “Greetings from another revolutionary city, although one with good vibes.” I LOLed (literally, I actually laughed out loud … not one of those…

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  • The tent protest: neither social justice, nor revolution

    This article was jointly written by Dahlia Scheindlin and Joseph Dana, based on our shared experiences of the protests. The popular, mass protests here that began as a cry of rage against housing prices have evolved admirably into a public outcry against a slew of deep-rooted problems in Israeli social and economic life. Visiting the tent camps early every day, we’ve watched the protest grow from a motley band of wishful Woodstockers at the tip of Rothschild Boulevard two weeks ago, to a sort of mini-metropolis spreading close to the end of the road. There’s a first aid tent courtesy…

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  • Tent protest: Why we march tonight

    By Roni Gelbfish | From Hebrew: Dimi Reider Tonight, tens of thousands of people will march from the tent camp in Tel Aviv to protest not only the housing prices but the overall discontent and frustration with Israel's political system. Writer Roni Gelbfish shares six notes on how she found she doesn't need to be cynical to survive in Israel anymore. It's hard to write clearly and concisely about the struggle waged in Israel's streets and squares for the past few days. It's hard to write about it reservedly, and maybe it's for the best. So many years have past since…

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  • Hebron demonstration signals a new intifada in the West Bank?

    Riding the wave of unrest in the Arab world, the PA called for a carefully controlled ‘day of rage’ throughout the West Bank against the United States for their recent veto of an internationally accepted resolution declaring (once again) that Israeli settlement activity is illegal. While in Ramallah the PA sponsored demonstration was weak with almost no one showing up, in Hebron one thousand people, including Israeli peace activists, took to the streets. Feburary 25th also happened to be the Open Shuhada Street Global Day of Action. Organized by the Palestinian NGO, Youth Against Settlements, protests were held in more than…

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  • Israel staunchly on the side of Arab tyrannies

    The Sum of All their Fears: Why Israelis react with fear and loathing to the Egyptian revolution It’s yet unclear whether the Mubarak regime will survive the next few days – there are conflicting reports saying his sons and wife have already fled Egypt - and it’s not clear which will be the next regime to topple: There are demonstrations in Jordan, Yemen – not all that unusual there, admittedly – and, surprisingly enough, Saudi Arabia. We seem to experience what looks like an Arab Spring of Nations, beginning with Tunisia – yet the Israeli public, as well as its…

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