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Reuven Abergel

  • At Tel Aviv rally, a Mizrahi-asylum seeker alliance is born

    Tens of thousands crowded Tel Aviv's Rabin Square on Saturday to show solidarity for asylum seekers facing deportation. 'If we let the deportation happen, the Jewish people will have a stain on its history forever.' It was an unusually hazy night in Tel Aviv. The lights from the stage caught the dust in long, yellow beams. Banners bearing slogans like “standing together against the deportations” rippled gently in the slight wind. Some 25,000 people were gathered in Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s plan to deport tens of thousands of African asylum seekers. [tmwinpost] The words of Monim…

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  • Israel's Black Panthers remind us what their struggle was about

    Back in the 1970s, the deep socioeconomic divide between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews in Israel led to a massive protest movement and the rise of the Israeli Black Panthers. A newly approved official civics textbook in Israel portrays the movement as violent and criminal. We called up three Black Panthers to remind us all of the true nature of their struggle. The following is a chapter in the Education Ministry's newly-approved civics textbook, To be Citizens in Israel: Criminality motivated by ideology — political violence "Political violence is the use of force by an individual of a group in order to attain political…

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