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  • Elliott Abrams: 'Hagel will be confirmed, but he will be a weaker secretary of defense'

    In an interview to the Israeli daily 'Yedioth Ahronoth,' the former neoconservative diplomat criticizes Hagel for his 'I am an American senator' remark. Israeli journalist Nahum Barnea has today a short interview with Elliott Abrams on the issue of Chuck Hagel’s nomination to secretary of defense, which various Israeli advocacy groups have opposed. Abrams opens by explaining why he believes Hagel is an anti-Semite, referring to Hagel’s past remark on “the Jewish Lobby” (by the way, this is the term Israelis use too, including most of the press. Examples: here, here, here, here, here, here). Abrams: “I don’t hate him (Hagel).…

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  • Adelson's paper declares: 'America chose socialism'

    Mr. Adelson, a friend and supporter of Prime Minister Netanyahu, poured almost 100 million dollars into six Republican campaigns, but saw only one of his candidates win. Sore losers: Israel Hayom, the free daily paper owned and published by American gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson, didn't try to hide its disappointment over the results of the U.S. elections. This morning, a large headline in the news section declared that "America chose socialism." The sub-headline reads: "Obama's second term in the White House could lead to a greater economic crisis than that of 2008." Early this week, articles in Israel Hayom were still…

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  • Obama's victory and Israel: Five takeaways

    The president gets a second chance to challenge the status quo on the Palestinian issue. But will his personal dislike for Netanyahu translate to effective pressure on Israel? I wouldn't bet on it. 1. Israel was mentioned 34 times in the final presidential debate, and in the end, it didn't matter. The Republican strategy in the last four years – going after the White House for "throwing Israel under the bus" – did not hurt Jewish support for the president. According to exit polls, Obama got 70 percent of Jewish votes, a slight decrease from 2008, overall matching the votes…

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  • Netanyahu attacks Obama again, claims White House rejected meeting request

    Despite criticism at home and even from Defense Minister Barak, Netanyahu doubles down against the American president, on the eve of a close election. The public rift between the American administration and Israel is deepening: earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched an unprecedented attack against the administration, stating that "the world has no right to stop us" (from attacking Iran). It was clear that the quote was directed at President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, as Netanyahu was referring to the American refusal to declare a "red line" that would lead to an American strike on Iran if crossed.…

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  • Did Romney snub Labor leader at PM Netanyahu's request?

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of playing the American political game. It seems that his friend Mitt Romney is now involved in Israeli politics, having cancelled a meeting with Labor head Shelly Yachimovich at the last minute. Labor Minister: 'Romney may have been misled by political players in Israel.' A meeting between the Republican nominee and the Labor leader, Shelly Yachimovich, was cancelled last minute by Romney's staff, despite having initiated it and repeatedly confirmed it until today. According to Haaretz, a probable reason for the cancellation was a request from Prime Minister Netanyahu, who sees Yachimovich as…

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  • Romney uses Adelson’s free paper to criticize Obama

    Israeli press criticizes Netanyahu for "putting all his money" on the Republican candidate. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney gave two interviews to the Hebrew press prior to his visit to Israel: One to Haaretz, a low circulation paper read by the country’s liberal elite, and the other to Yisrael Hayom,the most widely read Israeli daily, owned by gambling billionaire and known Obama opponent Sheldon Adelson. Yisrael Hayom, which is distributed for free at considerable loss, is known for its unabashed support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Adelson is also one of the Romney campaign's biggest donors. In his Haaretz interview Romney was…

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  • American domestic issues: Social security, housing and Israel

    A perceptive comment from the Director of B'Tselem USA, the clever Uri Zaki (as posted on his Facebook page): If anyone needed proof of how much "Pro-Israel" (=we don't care about the actual Israel, but the religious-conservative concept of "Israel") became a pure US domestic issue, here is what a Romney adviser told the Washington Post about the campaign: "Romney intends to continue his heavy focus on the economy .. and to try to demonstrate his command of facts and policy on issues such as Social Security, Israel, housing and the environment"...  

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  • 2012: Netanyahu's shadow war for the GOP begins?

    Israel's National Security Council calls U.S. President Barak Obama "naïve," Israel's pro-Netanyahu daily reports Israel Hayom, the pro-Netanyahu free tabloid published by Jewish-American gambling billionaire Sheldon Adelson, published a story today on recent criticism dealt by Israel's National Security Council of US President Barak Obama's policy towards Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. U.S. President Barack Obama is "naive" and needs to face up to the threat presented by the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East, Israel's National Security Council concluded during a strategic discussion several days ago. The council, responsible for providing the prime minister and cabinet ministers with…

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