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remi kanazi

  • WATCH: Lauryn Hill, Angela Davis call for black-Palestinian solidarity

    A new video featuring prominent African-Americans and Palestinians calls for solidarity in the face of state violence and supremacy. On the heels of attacks by both the Israeli army and settlers against Palestinians in the West Bank over the past year, a coalition of African-American organizations have come together to produce a new video promoting black-Palestinian solidarity. The video, titled “When I See Them I See Us,” juxtaposes the police killings of African-Americans with Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and settlers, and features over 60 major figures in both the black community in America, including Lauryn Hill — who canceled her…

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  • Police crack down on my talk (in Pittsburgh, not Palestine)

    While Joseph Dana was giving a lecture at the University of Pittsburgh recently, police intervened to block the entry of a number of Occupy Pittsburgh activists. The experience reminded him of the very tactics - about which he was lecturing - designed to stifle Palestinian activism and debate. Recent police violence at Occupy Wall Street events demonstrate a crackdown of legitimate political protest in the United States. Watching video (like the one embedded above) from a recent Occupy Oakland protest, one is certainly left with the feeling that American police are using increasingly violent methods of crowd control. Some Occupy…

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