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Red Crescent

  • Isolated incident: Soldiers refuse to treat injured Palestinian boy

    Accompanied by a settlement security officer, IDF soldiers abuse a Palestinian boy and avoid giving him proper medical attention. By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz One day in May M., a 13-year-old child from the village of Qariut left his school and headed to his father's lands to find out what his chores were for the day. Unfortunately for M., the village’s land borders a plit seized for protecting the settlement of Eli. M. was already used to settlers disrupting his family members while tilling their lands, and he learned to identify the settlement's security personnel. Soon after M.…

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  • Palestinian hospitalized after IDF handcuffs, abandons him at checkpoint

    A Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem found himself dehydrated in a Hebron hospital after border policemen and soldiers handcuffed, blindfolded and abadoned him in a car on a hot day in May.  By Yesh Din, written by Yossi Gurvitz About two weeks ago, A. was on his way from Hebron to Jerusalem. A is a resident of Abu Dis, and married to a resident of East Jerusalem; as such, he enjoys Israeli residency. But as he was about to find out, that didn't help him all that much. On his way home, A. passed through a checkpoint charmingly named "the…

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