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Ran Greenstein

  • The untold story of Jewish anti-Zionists in Israel

    For nearly as long as Palestinians have resisted their displacement, small groups of Jews have joined them. Ran Greenstein's 'Zionism and Its Discontents' brings to life the complex, often contradictory story of those Israelis who saw Palestinian and Jewish liberation as one and the same.  Zionism and Its Discontents: A Century of Radical Dissent in Israel/Palestine (Pluto Press, 2014) Solidarity with Palestinians facing eviction, expulsion and home demolitions has been a cornerstone of radical left-wing Israeli activism over the past decade. The Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions raised international awareness of Israel’s ongoing forced displacement of Palestinians. Anarchists Against the Wall faced…

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  • On the Israel-apartheid analogy, yet again

    The apartheid debate is no longer restricted to referencing specific South African practices. Instead, international law is increasingly becoming the guiding framework. By Ran Greenstein Thomas Mitchell raises an important methodological point in his article “Call it colonialism, call it occupation – just don't call it 'apartheid,'” which I address here. Unfortunately, in making this point he takes us through a confusing journey that obscures the issues at stake instead of clarifying them. Take for example his notion that Fascism was a term used to refer to a specific regime in Italy from 1922 to 1945, and similar European regimes in…

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  • Book review: The year Palestine became a zero-sum game - 1929

    After 1929, Arabic-speaking Jews who had lived in peace and cultural affinity with fellow residents, and orthodox Jews who had shunned Zionism, could no longer feel safe among their erstwhile neighbors and friends. They had to rely on the new Yishuv to protect them from then on, and they never looked back. Introducing new information and highlighting forgotten facts, a new book by Hillel Cohen brings fresh context to the 1929 massacres in Mandate Palestine. By Ran Greenstein It is not easy to write history in a popular and accessible manner, all while retaining academic precision and professional credibility. Prominent…

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  • What can we learn from the Israel apartheid analogy?

    Although there is room within the legal definition of apartheid for Israel/Palestine, that does not mean it fits the South African model, both in its characteristics and in resistance against it. Only by fully understanding those core differences can Israel/Palestine draw valuable and useful lessons from South Africa's anti-apartheid struggle. By Ran Greenstein In a previous post I argued that the Israeli regime between the River and the Sea is a form of apartheid as defined in international law (“an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial  group over any other racial group”). This refers to the…

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