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Rami Levi

  • Racism, settlements and Glenn Beck: One pic that says it all

    Joseph Dana twitted this pic from the Glenn Beck rally, which tells most of what you need to know about the current moment here. The second man on the right is Supermarket mogul Rami Levi, who recently started separating Arab and Jewish workers at one of his stores. to his right is Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem and patron of settlements in Sheikh Jarrah, Silwan and other Palestinian neighborhoods.

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  • So this Arab tries to buy a settlement. No, for real. (UPDATED)

    The Arabs  can’t have our land. And they can’t have our young girls, either. And they certainly can’t have our settlements! What happens when a Palestinian tries to buy a settlement? You heard me: buy a settlement. Well, for this you’d have to ask Palestinian businessman Bashar al-Masri. Ever since al Masri announced his company was trying to take over another company which goes by  the name of Digal, right-wingers in Israel started to have nightmares. For them, this was the epitome of Arab money taking over the Jewish cause. And it must be stopped, of course. Why, you ask?…

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