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raed salah

  • Why Jewish Israelis should stand with the head of Israel's Islamic Movement

    I'm no supporter of Sheikh Raed Salah, but as Jewish Israelis we have an enormous responsibility to state loudly and clearly that which our privilege still permits us. That means opposing political persecution when we see it. Two years ago Israel outlawed one of the largest popular associations in the country, the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement. In the days that followed, authorities quickly moved to shut down dozens of affiliated charitable organizations, women’s organizations, media outlets, and educational and childcare programs. Hardly a word of protest was uttered by the Jewish population in Israel. [tmwinpost] Sheikh Raed Salah,…

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  • Meet the outlawed women of Israel's Islamic Movement

    They are journalists, educators, and physicians, who until very recently were dependent on the recently-outlawed Islamic Movement for their living. Now they leave behind a void that cannot be filled. An inside look at the women who play a critical role in Israel's Palestinian society. By Samah Salaime (translated from Hebrew by Tal Haran) The outlawing of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel received some attention from the Israeli media, before it vanished from the news cycle. When the movement did make headlines, however, it was portrayed as religious, militant, nationalistic and male-dominated. The truth is that…

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  • The real danger of outlawing Palestinian political movements

    Banning and persecuting political groups like the Islamic Movement and Balad has the effect of disengaging Palestinian citizens of Israel from the state and its political system. That is very, very dangerous. The Israeli government has done very few things that worry me more than its ongoing assault on the country’s Palestinian citizens’ political representation. In the latest such move, the government outlawed the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement and seized assets and properties belonging to 17 affiliated organizations on Tuesday. One of the things that enables Jews and Arabs to live together in this country, which despite everything…

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  • Outlawing the Islamic Movement is a gift to Palestinian citizens

    Outlawing the northern branch of the Islamic Movement is yet another McCarthyist step by the Israeli state. But if anyone thinks this will bring an end to the movement, they are dead wrong. Say what you will about the Jewish state, just don't say that the only democracy on the planet never stops challenging us. On Monday night, Defense Minister Ya'alon signed an order outlawing the northern branch of the Islamic Movement. Following the decision, the police raided the offices of 17 non-profit organizations connected to the group, confiscated documents and equipment, froze bank accounts, and announced that it would…

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  • Is Israel negotiating with Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan?

    As he enters his 50th day of hunger strike, Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan's health is rapidly deteriorating rapidly. Now it seems like the Israeli government may try to negotiate his release from administrative detention. By Yael Marom and Noam Rotem Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan's health deteriorated significantly Wednesday as he reached his 49th day of hunger strike. According to Attorney Jawad Bulus, who is the only person aside from members of the Israel Prison Service (IPS) to have access to his hospital room, Adnan's health is deteriorating from day to day. Since the beginning of Adnan's hunger strike, which he…

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  • Doing God's work: A look at the Islamic Movement in Israel

    It grew out of the Muslim Brotherhood, split into two branches over ideological differences, and is now joining forces with communists, feminists and Jews in the Joint List. This is the surprising story of the Islamic Movement in the Jewish state.  By Dr. Nohad Ali Much has been said in the Israeli media about the union between the four Arab parties leading up to the March 17 election. But while the Jewish-Arab Hadash party, nationalist Balad and Ahmad Tibi's Ta'al are well-known to most Israeli Jews, Ra'am (United Arab List) remains something of a mystery. And when we do hear about…

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  • UK government's strange double-take on Palestinian activists

    The UK  Minister for Middle East Alistair Burt (not to be confused with the actual Foreign Secretary, William Hague) has been visiting Israel and the West Bank last week. As part of his visit, he was taken to the hotspot of the fiercest clashes between Palestinians and the army in these post-Intifada days, Nabi Saleh. There, he offered the following statement: "From what I have seen the IDF have acted extremely strongly against peaceful protesters including chasing children and, in one instance striking a woman. We entirely defend people's rights to peacefully protest and the role of the international community…

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