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  • Military surveillance vehicle reappears to track Tel Aviv protest

    The police and the army have yet to provide an explanation for the deployment of  a military surveillance vehicle - nicknamed the Raccoon - that followed the social justice protesters in Tel Aviv last week. It was not clear who the vehicle belonged to: it looks like an army vehicle but was operated by Border Police officers last week - or at least that is what the IDF claimed. Last night (Saturday) the vehicle made another appearance in Tel Aviv, this time escorting the counter protest to the one organized by the establishment against "draft dodgers." It made its way…

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  • Occupation comes home: What was a military surveillance vehicle doing in TLV last night?

    Protesters taking part in the #J14 march last night couldn't help noticing a large army vehicle near the route of the protest, on the corner of Ibn Gvirol and Frishman streets (basically under my house). The car, nicknamed Raccoon, is a modified Hummer with special surveillance equipment. It is often used in the occupied territories against unarmed Palestinian protesters (you can see it used in army training in this link). Update: Before reaching the corner of Rabin square, where this picture was taken, the vehicle waited opposite the Defense Ministry on Kaplan St., accompanied the march to Azrieli junction, and only then reunited…

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